Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's That Time of the Year

It's literally been three weeks since I stepped into my scrapbook room.  I know I cannot fundamentally change who I am but my gosh the state of messiness gets on my own nerves.  If only I can be more decisive when I purge!  I almost hired someone to help me with this last year when I was asked to contribute to Creative Spaces.  Believe me, my room would have needed a complete make-over!  Anywhoo, the mess contributed to my lack of productivity, but snapping me out of it is the annual United Way fundraising drive at work.  I spent part of the weekend busy making cards.  

My favorite tool when it comes to making cards is my Cricut.  The designer accents always add such lovely touches to any handmade card.  Here are a few that I made or finished up this weekend to be added to the auction at work.  

Sentiment stamp by Close to My Heart. 

These two cards were started when I was visiting the Stampin' Up headquarters back in April. They've been sitting on my table so it's so nice to finally finish them and put them to good use. I think the weather is going to turn on us soon and the Vikings have made this fall quite unpleasant.  I am still working out every day and as a result, I have found a new hobby: shopping at Athleta.  I will work on a layout documenting this current obsession.  LOL.