Sunday, May 19, 2013

Piano and Scrapbook

It's Sunday evening and I can finally relax a little. The weekend was a frantic one, mostly due to my own procrastination.  Furiously did I work on my projects this weekend for CK between piano rehearsal, concert, and recital.  I skipped both days' workout to make time for these activities. You know it's serious when I sacrifice a workout, let alone two days in a row!!

First Born performed in MMTA's Honors Concert last night. Her group's piece was about two minutes long but I enjoyed the two hours concert listening to various levels of piano performance. The two solo performances from the Senior Competition winner and the College Competition winner were really stunning and thoroughly inspiring. Jay and I also enjoyed looking at all the lovely dresses the female performers wore while they were taking their bows.  Our verdict on our own daughter's dress is that it would fit her for at least three more years' worth of concerts if she makes it again, LOL.

On the scrapbooking font, I haven't shared this Color Room layout yet so here it is.  More yellow and brown this time! I really adore this gorgeous palette of colors and right up my alley!  The good ol' summer days are back in town. So I can look at these photos knowing that we can go pig out on DQ any time we want now, for a little while at least, and by "pig out" I mean a bite or two, lol.
That's it folks. It's Sunday night and when I play the game of thrones, I   play to win!  Good night! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and it is quite lovely outside. I am waiting for the winds to die down before heading out to have some casual pictures taken with the kids.  They baked some delicious Dutch baby pancakes for me and I had to fight them for a fourth pancake.  They each had two by that point so I had to share half of mine with them! Here I thought I would get it without saying on Mother's Day!

The long and perpetual winter will definitely delay the season of growth for us. The tulips are almost about to bloom and the vegetables seeds are just in the ground.  I imagine we won't be picking strawberries till later in June and who knows when for blueberries. This is the first layout on blueberry picking from last year. I just got my hands on these incredibly beautiful WRMK and American Crafts papers  The green is so soothing so I really wanted to focus on that for this layout.
WRMK has the best gromlets!  I received some glittered ones and put them to use on this layout. I also got to use my Crop-a-dile to set them.  I did have to rip out the first one I set but you can't even see my mistake on this close-up photo, can you? 
The "Life documented" is Project Life card from WRMK.  Not only perfect for PL stuff, they make wonderful instant embellishment for all projects!  The little bee seems to agree with my assessment! 
It is time to get ready for lunch and then off to BodyPump I will go.  May your day be sunny and bright!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Countdown to National Scrapbooking Day

To kick off the National Scrapbooking Day this Saturday, May 4, the CK Dream Team, contributing writers and contributing editors are posting to the CK blog all week to share some scraplifting inspirations based on projects featured in the May/June 2013 issue of Creating Keepsakes.

Yellow is all the rage in my book right now, so I was immediately drawn to this page by Christa Uttely.  I know I wanted to do something with the yellow and shape them like ribbons. Not only is yellow a trendy color, it juxtaposes with the dark rich reds in the raspberries in my photo.

Today is May day and we had some snow flurries, can you believe it?  At this rate, harvesting these delicious antioxidants will be a very long time off yet!  I suppose I will just dream about them, the crown jewels, the cash crop of our garden, sigh...

They are indeed too good to be true because I simply never imagined in my life, living in the 'burbs, that I would have the opportunity to harvest such amazing fruits! The bounty that is the good earth... now all we need is consistent warm weather. How we all miss the gardens!
Please stop by Creating Keepsakes' blog and view more blog entries from the team and to enter to win many fabulous prizes this week! Good luck!