Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday Catch Up

Happy Easter! The sun is trying to peak out from behind the clouds and it is having a hard time!  The temperature is not as friendly as it was yesterday but at least the snow continues to melt. 

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated the blog and during that time, I have been working on eating more super foods!  The kids and I watched a documentary Food Matters while DH was away for a Saturday and I've been a little obsessed since then.

Interestingly enough, several years ago when First Born started to show asthmatic symptoms, DH started to research on what could help and many sources he had discovered pointed to the foods we eat.  While we will never know whether what we eat did or did not help her in the end, but he started the family on the path of healthier eating.  I remember him introducing quinoa to the family.  I was simply intrigued by the fact that it rhymes with Chinois.  It must be good!

Fast forward five years and two weeks ago, after watching this documentary, my third in one month, my obsessive personality kicked in and now I'm on a rampage to add superfoods into my diet!  One extremely easy addition is chia seeds.  I add a few teaspoons of this delightful food into my daily Noosa and I have not been hungry before my lunch work out every since!  Second Child loves it with me!  Hurray!

The other thing I am learning to eat is chocolate, the real and dark kind!  After all, how many people have you met that do not like chocolate?  I am one of these people and now I know why I didn't like chocolate!  Most of the chocolates as we know them have so little cacao content that one is basically eating sugar.  This woman is all about savory treats so sugar does nothing for me.

"Unbeknownst" to us, DH has been buying 72% cacao chocolates since 2009 and that stuff I don't mind.  I have moved onto even darker chocolates and eating it to stave off any temptation at work when treats abound.  Here are a couple that I really like: Alter Eco Dark Blackout 85% and Endangered species dark chocolate 88%.  I can honestly tell you that three years ago I thought the 88% cacao content chocolate was inedible, but now I eat it because it is a super food!  That and I sound more normal to people when I say "Oh yes, I eat chocolate too!"  One square of the Endangered species dark chocolate was consumed in writing this post.  I feel antioxidated! LOL. 

On the scrapbooking front, I will share this layout that's published in the most recent CK magazine.  My picture here was taken before everything was glued down.  Technically, it is as seen in the magazine only this version is a little more crooked.  Like I said earlier, the sun is trying to come out and spring is coming soon (we've been saying that for weeks).  We (DH) are anxious to get planting started!  There's no food so super than the ones grown in our own garden!
As seen in March/April 2013 issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.

Lastly, tonight is the long awaited premier of Season 3. I can't wait to see how book three part first half is interpreted by the production!  Epic!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Layout

I made a layout about her first friends' birthday party and it's a 2-pager!  I misted this huge background and I did machine stitching!  These are techniques I have not tried in a long while so I'm extra proud of myself!  A layout like this makes me wish for Project Life.  I really need to try it!

Here I used an 8x8 paper pad from Glitz Design's Color Me Happy line.  I tried to mimic the colors of this fun line by misting the background "Celtic Circle" on the Glitz paper. What fun it is to mist and what a mess it creates! I should try inking with a cat's eye for the next project to reduce the mess!  It suffices to say that my scrapbook room is a disaster and I am not being a good role model to my children by leaving it like that!

Here is a close-up photo of the adorable Elle's Studio tag and I stamped the "twenty-thirteen" from a Technique Tuesday stamp set.  Wowser, I am happy with how this layout turned out.  These types of photos usually sit in my stash forever but I did them!!  Rejoice!
Lastly, since winter does not seem to want to leave Minnesota, let it come! :) Two more weeks!!! Color me excited!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soup and Stencil

As new products roll in, I am so very anxious to try them all. There is not enough time to do everything I want to do or as quickly as I want to have them done.  The kids are on spring break right now. Even though I am home for the day, my eyes are constantly being drawn to the clock thinking about the upcoming meal that I must prepare for them!  Why must work of every sort interfere with creative time?!  

I just finished this layout and braved the 20 degree weather outside to have the picture taken in relative daylight for a change!  I combined a couple of brand new collections by Jillibean Soup: Irish Farm House Soup and Peeled Cucumber Soup.  The only thing better than these two soups would be for Jillibean to come and make them for our lunches!  I don't know how to describe it but the current trend of colors on the market tend toward a bit of hazy bright or muted bright?  If only I understand art and/or color more, perhaps I would be more accurate in my description. No matter, these colors, me liketh.  

I also used a brand new stencil from the Crafters Workshop called Subway art.  It has been a while since I did any misting on my page so I was a bit scared.  The page sat under a pile of heavy stuff after I did the misting to reduce the potential warping of my paper.  This is another resolution I must make: to use my stencils and mist collections, to experiment more even if things don't turn out in the end.  

First Born really loves winter but lately she's been lamenting the snow is preventing her from doing kick ball and riding her bike. The subconscious prompted me to dig out these photos and perhaps it will also influence the weather gods. lol.  The close-up is a die-cut bicycle from Jillibean. I layered it over a couple of stickers.  Now that I look at it, I forgot to add some die-cut arrows, lol.  Haste haste haste...

Now it is time to think about what to make for lunch...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Face Paint

Last week I received one of Bo Bunny's latest lines Mama-razzi 2.  I still remember going absolutely bonkers over Mama-razzi. In fact I can still find a couple of sheets of them in my stash!  No time is better than the present so I dug in and made this layout. Midway through the project, another package arrived with some of the most adorable tags on earth from Chic Tags.  I decided to incorporate the two companies together onto this layout.  

The pictures were from last fall when the girls and I got our face painted at a customer appreciation event.  The girls have had their fair share of face paintings in their lives, but this was by far the most sophisticated and glamorous one.  She picked out this particular design and I thought it looked absolutely fantastic.  
Here is a major shout-out to Chic Tags.  I am loving discovering this new-to-me company.  Do take a look at its catalog, so chock full of absolutely darling tags of all shapes, sizes and colors!  I am most delighted to have received the entire Road Trip collection. It's beyond cute and perfect for several projects I have had in mind for about a few years now, LOL.  Here's to hoping I will finally get down to business and scrap those trips!!!

Here is a close up of a circle tag with Bo Bunny die-cuts from Mama-razzi 2.  
Here is the most perfect camera tag to go with a layered Bo Bunny sticker!  Seriously fun stuff!

Last and not least, I am completely in love with this beige colored cardstock from Close to My Heart. I think the color neutrality would work great for die-cuts of people's faces or other body parts, think Paper Doll.  I need to get me more of it.

We got about eight inches of snow yesterday.  One could say that March came in like a lion alright!  The snow banks are at the highest point of this particular winter but they won't stay high too much longer!  I look forward to Daylight Savings Time this weekend.  It would be hard to lose an hour but it just might mean I will scrapbook during weekdays again with more sunlight!  

Have a wonderful rest of the week! 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Many Cards are Close to My Heart

Two weeks ago, I received some delightful products from Close to My Heart. Among the pile of goodies were the two Cricut collections by CTMH that I have been drooling over since they came out.  The Philosophy collection has long been praised on 2peas as extremely versatile with tons of useful staple shapes. The Artiste collection is the more recent one and a wonderful encore of Philosophy.  Most intriguingly for me was the fact that there were many stamp sets in CTMH that are of the matching shaping of the cuts on the cartridges!

I dug in last weekend and made a batch of cards. I even stamped in colors, imagine that!  Stamping on die-cuts with coordinating stamps was all the fun I thought it would be.  Also, with a little playing around, it's easy to find shapes that can accommodate pretty much all the stamps I received, as evidenced by the first card's die-cut shape and stamped sentiment.
I used a bit 3-d foam adhesive to prop the tails of my cut banners to help them stand out a little more.  

I used the Chantilly collection for all these cards.  It's such a pretty collection, perfect for the upcoming spring season, even if it is still completely covered in snow outside yet :)  Here is an Easter card with several cuts from both Cricut collections including the rolled flowers.

Here's the second card with the label die-cut and stamped.  I really love that look.
I used the negative space of the die-cut to assemble this particular card.  With so many shapes to choose from, you can easily find a few that would stack well atop of each other.  

Hopefully you can see the 3-dimensional effect in this photo.

One last card using a fancy frame and a sentiment die-cuts.  Gosh, what fun it was to make these cards and I need to explore more with these cartridges!  I can't wait to dive back in this weekend.  Meanwhile, it is time to head to Cardio Kickboxing for another kind of thorough enjoyment!  Have a good Saturday!