Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oh the Humanity!

Yesterday I hit Archiver's with the full  intention of blowing all the money I would have spent had I gone to CHA this month.  I should have known that things don't ship that soon after the show as I found not a lot new stuff yet.  Thankfully, there were several new lines from My Mind's Eye!  I had just come from an hour of cardio kickboxing so my legs were too tired for more squatting, so I sat on the floor to drool over the new stuff.  Another shopper remarked "Nice stash there! I'll have to take a look when you are done."  Oops, I guess I made myself a tad too comfortable, all stretched out with piles of goodies next to me :)

KI has a new collection called flashback and Archiver's must have ordered just a few sheets from this line.  I really liked it and came home with some papers and used them in this layout.  It's so nice to see an old favorite company coming back with new stuff.  I hope this is a sign that KI is back in the game!  I'll be ready with wallet in hand :) 

This layout documents a recent anecdote: First Born declaring for Jesus and her need to work on her "humanity" when she really meant humility :) Now that I think about, I will add some quotes around the title.  
I think my favorite ready-made embellishments will always be chipboard elements. Here is an adorable bicycle from Crate Paper's Fourteen collection.
The "True Story" is cut using a Laina Lamb die from My Favorite Things' Die-namics called "Accent It - Story Starters."  I trimmed it into arrow shape to match the others on the page.  
It started to sleet and snow when I was leaving the YMCA this afternoon so I decided not to go to the Chinese market. I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to winter driving. Now I have to go figure out what to make for meals since I don't have the ingredients!  Oh the humility!!!  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Recap of the Last Two Weeks

Two busy weeks have passed and so much has happened, like CHA!  Not only did I not have time to attend the trade show, I did not even manage to see a lot of sneaks this time around!  Therefore my plan is to happen upon Archiver's in the next two weeks and come home with a lot of new stuff!  

Work has kept me very busy in the recent months and the last two weeks were no exception.  I manage stress by going to the YMCA, so I've been extra diligent recently :)  This weekend saw yet another swim meet and this time I was there almost the entire meet which took nearly six hours.  My mother-in-law saw a t-shirt with a sign: "If this is the last day of your life, spend it at a swim meet. They last forever."  True Dat. 

I finally allowed myself to start watching Downton Abbey last weekend.  I knew from one glance of the "cover" that I wouldn't have any self control once I start.  Thus I waited till season 2 was completely available online so I watched both seasons in two short days.  That sums me up really, obsessive.  

Finally, I have been scrapbooking though you can't tell judging from the lack of posts around here :)  I have been creating projects for upcoming Creating Keepsakes issues.  In six months' time, I will be able to show them.  

I did this layout last December, on the day of the Newtown shooting.  When I heard the news on the radio, it changed where I was going with it and certainly changed what I was going to write about these photos.  

We are bracing ourselves for a cold stretch.  Negative numbers for temperature are in the forecast for the next week.  It hurts just thinking about it!  

Wherever you are, may you keep warm and safe.  Know that I am very envious if you live in a warmer climate. Maybe one day... that dream will come true for me :)