Friday, November 22, 2013

A Hobby within a Hobby

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog.  Does the absence make my blogging heart grow fonder? LOL. This entry was done by me for Creating Keepsakes' blog last month, and it's time to post it here as well.

I generate enormous amounts of scraps when I scrapbook. Patterned paper is one of my enduring loves when it comes to scrapbooking supplies so even if a piece of paper is partially used, I still find it difficult to let go of the leftovers. My paper scrap stash is impressive and I am here to show you one of the ways that I reduce my stash: making ready-made paper piecings. I call this my hobby within the scrapbooking hobby or as my second child calls it “making animals.”

When I wrap up a layout, the papers on my table are at its most coordinated state. I often turn to my beloved Cricut or Cameo to make cuts and prepare the scraps for the next step. As you can see here, I have a stash of already made paper piecings that can be easily incorporated into a card by adding a sentiment and some additional papers. This is also an activity that my second child loves doing with me so there’s plenty of quality bonding time for us. Indeed, she also has a little box of her own where she keeps her “animals” with their given names on the back. I would say mine are better assembled than hers, but who’s judging?

Here are a few cards I’ve made with my paper scraps. I also used SRM Stickers and CTMH, My Favorite Things, and Cosmo Cricket sentiment stamps on them.

This is a good way to use up some scraps but of course it creates smaller scraps. Now if you have ideas on how to further deal with the smaller scraps, please let me know. I do put them into the recycle bin, but I’ve been known to fish some out because I am a weak-minded person when it comes to letting pretty papers go, however small the pieces might be!


Nathalie said...

It's so nice to "see" you "pop up" into my reader today! :) I still do not own a die-cutting machine but I do own lots of scraps :P
Oh and that squirrel is the cutest thing!!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Of course it did!
I missed you!
STay now will you, or rather come back soon for your cards and layouts are always a wonderful source of inspiration and joy!

Charlene said...

Great use of scraps!!! I hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving Jing Jing!

Kim said...

these are just the cutest!

Denise Price said...

Hi! I know t's been a long time since I visited your blog, but I just wanted to pop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!!

Oh, and I highly approve of your idea of using up scraps. Not only is it very "green," but the paper-pieced animals are super cute. :)

As for those teeny scraps, maybe you could make some confetti. Confetti is supposed to be a trendy embellishment nowadays, right? :)

Happy Holidays!

alexandra s.m. said...

Happy new Year!

Audrey Pettit said...

Hey there Jing Jing! I've been meaning to pop by and see how you are doing and wish you and yours a very happy new year! I hope you are doing well!
Love your creative use of scraps on these adorable cards. You are SO organized and SO good to create your little animals from scraps for future use. Such a great idea and great way to use every little bit of paper. I was trying to clear my table of scraps this week by creating more projects from what I had in front of me...the only problem is I seemed to generate as many new scraps as I used of old ones! ;)

Virginia Lu said...

Shirley Lam (over FB) and I are just wondering how you are doing!? Miss your presence in the blog world. Hope you are keeping healthy and creative! HUGS!

Christie Bryant said...

What an amazing use of your extra paper! You should make little boxes of animals and sell them! So, so cute!
Looks like we both dropped off the grid for awhile. I hope you're doing well.
Off to read through your archives. XOXO

DeeDee said...

I love the idea of the animals made from scraps. Something I can do with my daughter. :) Thanks!