Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daddy the Baker Recipe Album

I've showcased a few posts here on the blog regarding my daddy dearest's baking.  When I received the assignment to create a mini-album using a recipe box, I naturally turned to him and his many baked goods.  It just seemed like such a natural choice of mini-album selection with the subject matter.  This album is now published in the All About Albums Special Issue by Creating Keepsakes.

I am super happy with how this album turned out.  It was pure coincidence that Cosmo Cricket had just released their TV Dinner collection and I was able to use it for this project.  Many thanks to Cosmo Cricket!
I had also just received Close to My Heart's Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge with some matching stamps.  I used it to create the labels you see on the front of the box and the top of the lid.

I had a lot of fun using some of the older Cosmo Cricket's chipboard elements with the newly released chipboard alphas from TV Dinner.  I like to hoard beautiful products but nothing beats using these products on projects that I love! 
Open up the box, you can flip through the pages just like recipes. Take one out to read it but I must hold back the drooling, lol. 
Here are the four pages that are in the album right now.  

The ultimate awesomeness of this album and approach is that I can continue to add to the album effortlessly.  Daddy continues to bake and I continue to photograph his gorgeous baked goods.  There are times that the impulse of diving into eating overcomes the drive to photograph and document!

Today we are off on our big trip of this summer!  I am headed to the YMCA for one last pre-cruise workout!  I will miss my classes but I intend to run an hour a day on the ship. Given the fact that I have no self control, there will be over-eating while aboard the ship.  All right, off I go with my travel journal!  49th state, here we come!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wrote It Down and Now It's Happened

In my last blog post, I mentioned the goal setting theory that if you write it down and make it public, it is more likely to happen.  It has in fact happened!  Here is my travel journal in preparation for my upcoming family vacation!

The cover uses Uncharted Waters from Glitz Design. Obviously the nautical theme is too perfect for this travel journal. The die-cut cruise ship and the word "cruise" are both from the Pack Your Bags cartridge.

I chose Fancy Pants' Artist Edition Spiral Brag Book for this album for the following reasons:
  • This book has 12 sections.  It is perfect for 12 months of the year, or in my case, a 10 day vacation plus a couple of extra sections.
  • Each section has 5 sheets + 1 pocket page + 1 acetate page that can fit four 4x6 photos.  I can add to the pages by adding an accordion or more pockets onto the page.  I can subtract pages by removing them from the spiral bound.
  • The sheets of this book are lined on one side (perfect for journaling) and blank on the other side (perfect for more creative layouts or just photos).
Without actual photos and trip materials, it was quite the daunting task.  However, it is really important to get a few pages started to provide some structure.  I know if I just bring a blank journal on my trip, it'd be still blank at the end of the trip.  Since I know where we will be each day, I have the "title" pages for each day stubbed out. On the trip, I plan to write my journaling and leave plenty of spaces for photos.  I will bring some throw away photos of various sizes and put them onto the page and journal around them to save spaces for photos.

My other grand idea is to make a travel journal for both of the kids, but let's get real!  I think I will share mine by giving them a "Kid's Corner" in every section of this journal. The can write a few lines and draw some pictures of what is memorable to them.  I will bring some Mama supplies that are typically vertoben to them to add to the appeal, lol. 

I am very looking forward to this upcoming vacation.  If at the end of it, I would have an almost-complete album that needs just a few photos and some embellies, all the better it will be!