Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CK Summer Camp

The heat is on and so is Creating Keepsakes' Summer Camp!  
When I was assigned to create something for pocket scrapbooking, I was quite excited.  Ever since the CK team got some lovely products from We R Memory Keepers including pocket pages, I have been wanting to dig into it.  In fact, I went to my local Archiver’s and bought several albums and many styles of page protectors.  This was the final push to get me to start.
Now, I have always known that I wouldn’t do page scrapbooking for Project Life.  I am much more of an event scrapbooker who prints her photos once a month en masse.  However, I have always thought pocket scrapbooking would be perfect for a travel album.  Since it’s summer, I decided to do my first pocket page scrapbooking from a summer trip two years ago.

Here is my process:  First I brought out the photos I had for a specific day.  Based on the sizes of the photos, I chose the pocket pages that matched them best.  There are so many options in pocket pages that one will find something suitable to fit their needs for sure.  I placed the photos into the pockets as soon as I had selected them and then the holes became spaces for journaling, title, and other embellishments.  I have also started on the backside of these photos.  Again, I plan to insert the photos that I have immediately. Inevitably, there will be spots where one or more photos are needed, I can print them once I have determined the size and orientation for them on the page.
The major take-away for me is that this type of scrapbooking really suits me as I prefer to have stacks of photos printed after a trip.  Again, I suggest inserting the photos and memorabilia into the pockets before working on the other aspects of the page.
Now comes the fun part. CK wants to see your take on this style of memory keeping.
CK Summer Camp Challenge #1: Pocket Scrapbooking
Create a layout (single page or 2 page spread) using pocket page protectors, like these ones from We R Memory Keepers. There isn’t a specific theme, so feel free to scrapbook about whatever inspires you.

Once you’ve completed your layout,upload your  project to our pocket scrapbooking  Flickr board by midnight, Friday July 19th for a chance to win the grand prize.
***Please include an email address in the description area so we can email your merit badge to you.


alexandra s.m. said...

Gorgeous double spread Jing Jing!
Come on, I bet you feel like continuing the PL adventure now...come on....

Kim said...

Yep definitely a great way to scrap travel!

Nathalie said...

I am totally with you on using the pocket style of scrapbooking for other things than PL... I just finished a page about a day at Universal and will post it in the Flickr group :)

Charlene said...

Awesome posket page Jing=Jing!!

Virginia L. said...

This is so awesome to see!Thanks for sharing your creating process! I may give PL a try after seeing beautiful works like yours!Scrapbooking -pocket style sounds quite fun and manageable!

Audrey Pettit said...

LOVE it, Jing Jing! Such a perfect idea for travel photos. I have been wanting and wanting to try this kind of scrapbooking, but have never taken the plunge. I've got all the scrappy stuff to get started, and have a bunch of mementos from our recent DC trip.....all I need to do is print out some pictures and then maybe I'll actually give this a try. Seeing your pages might just be the motivation I need! Great job!

Keri said...

Very cool challenge and love all the americana-themed accents you used in each pocket!