Saturday, July 20, 2013

Licorice Mustache

This morning was the second annual family blueberry picking event. To entice everyone to head out the door as early as possible to make it to the farm by 8, donuts were served in the car for breakfast.  Second Child is definitely a lazy bone who typically rise around 8 a.m..  Initially she was grumpy and uncooperative, but the donut cheered her up quickly.  We filled two gallon sized pails in an hour and half.  Had we been ambitious enough, we could have made it to the YMCA for BodyPump!  LOL.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a box of Fancy Pants products and as usual, I love and adore everything that company makes!  So here's a layout using its Wonderful Day collection.  Back in April, Megan gave us a welcome sack full of goodies that included a licorice mustache.  Knowing the market is full of mustache related products, I had Second Child model it for me. In the end, I am not even using mustache products for these photos, but it is a fun one and I enjoy it immensely.
I paired the collection with some Fancy Pants die-cut letters.  Even though I have both the Cricut and the Cameo, sometimes, it is nice to have out-of-the-box ready to use products on hand!  

Lastly, Fancy Pants have put out some lovely self-adhesive cork embellishments that I used on this layout.  Cork seems to be everywhere and I imagine we will all be incorporating its usage into our projects.  Another company that has amazing cork products is Little Yellow Bicycle!  The stuff is so much fun!

Lunch is calling and then we are headed to the Mall of America this afternoon.  I am finally going to make it to the store to return my Athleta purchase and check out the new lines available.

My other big plan is to make a travel journal for our upcoming trip. They say it is more likely to happen if one writes it down. Since I think I'm all about the idea and not about the execution, I am putting it down hoping to improve the odds of me actually getting to the journal.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CK Summer Camp

The heat is on and so is Creating Keepsakes' Summer Camp!  
When I was assigned to create something for pocket scrapbooking, I was quite excited.  Ever since the CK team got some lovely products from We R Memory Keepers including pocket pages, I have been wanting to dig into it.  In fact, I went to my local Archiver’s and bought several albums and many styles of page protectors.  This was the final push to get me to start.
Now, I have always known that I wouldn’t do page scrapbooking for Project Life.  I am much more of an event scrapbooker who prints her photos once a month en masse.  However, I have always thought pocket scrapbooking would be perfect for a travel album.  Since it’s summer, I decided to do my first pocket page scrapbooking from a summer trip two years ago.

Here is my process:  First I brought out the photos I had for a specific day.  Based on the sizes of the photos, I chose the pocket pages that matched them best.  There are so many options in pocket pages that one will find something suitable to fit their needs for sure.  I placed the photos into the pockets as soon as I had selected them and then the holes became spaces for journaling, title, and other embellishments.  I have also started on the backside of these photos.  Again, I plan to insert the photos that I have immediately. Inevitably, there will be spots where one or more photos are needed, I can print them once I have determined the size and orientation for them on the page.
The major take-away for me is that this type of scrapbooking really suits me as I prefer to have stacks of photos printed after a trip.  Again, I suggest inserting the photos and memorabilia into the pockets before working on the other aspects of the page.
Now comes the fun part. CK wants to see your take on this style of memory keeping.
CK Summer Camp Challenge #1: Pocket Scrapbooking
Create a layout (single page or 2 page spread) using pocket page protectors, like these ones from We R Memory Keepers. There isn’t a specific theme, so feel free to scrapbook about whatever inspires you.

Once you’ve completed your layout,upload your  project to our pocket scrapbooking  Flickr board by midnight, Friday July 19th for a chance to win the grand prize.
***Please include an email address in the description area so we can email your merit badge to you.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Independence Break

This was a lovely long weekend for me since Independence Day fell on a Thursday. I took Friday off and we went strawberry picking.  We came home with 31 lbs of strawberries which meant that we spent most of the rest of the day hulling, washing, placing them on cookie sheets for freezing, and of course, eating!  I am glad that we went and now my summer feels complete.  As the kids get older, it has become more about the strawberries than the outing itself. This family does depend on the summer haul to sustain smoothie making for the rest of the year, so we accomplished that! 

On the scrapbooking front, I did this layout for the Color Room a while ago and finally getting around to posting it. It's a super simple layout using a cute photo of the kids from February. 

I stamped on this adorable Fancy Pants tag and added some stickers, flair and other elements around it. It's fun to be whimsical.

A package from Fancy Pants just came and I was blown away by it. The colors of the Wonderful Day is so fantastic in person. Thankfully it is too hot outside to do much so I have dug into it immediately.

A second package was my long awaited order from Athleta and I was disappointed with its sizing!  In no reasonable universe am I a size Small. It was my fault to not trust the sizing guide provided on its website, but my gosh, I don't wear small in anything else!  grrr....  Oh the hassle of returning and exchanging!  Okay, my First World rant is over, and time to get back to the regularly scheduled programming... scrapbooking!