Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friends from Afar

Confucius says: Isn't it delightful when friends from afar visit? Indeed, indeed!

Dear Cheese and her two daughters came to visit us, here in the fly-over country, last week.  What a delightful time we had!  Look at us, my gosh, we look like twins! LOL. 

We will make those dearest and nearest to us pose, pose, and pose again!

Here's a sign that describes her well.  Smart cookie who loves to take pictures in an obsessive way.  Hey, I just described myself! :)  

While they were here, we went on some fun rides.

cooked a little... enjoyed some baked goods...
Went to witness the Guiness World Record breaking longest sundae made...

We also ate stuff...

played with each other.

and got ourselves wet and wild!
What a great time we had with friends.  Confucius was so right!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Post

In honor of Father's Day, here's to my dad, one of the family gardeners!  Speaking of gardens, how is yours coming?  Other than the Chinese chives which apparently cannot be killed, we haven't eaten anything from ours yet.  The season did start a little late but I think it won't be long for the strawberries now.  Just as I am typing these words, someone just walked into the house with a bunch of cilantro!  I believe he is making me a avocado cherry salad on Father's Day.  Yay me!
As seen in Scrapbooking Boys and Men, special issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.
It is so much fun to create titles using my Cameo. The software definitely makes it easier than what the Cricut stand-alone offers. 

In just three days, Cheese and the girls are coming to stay with us for a few days. It's unbelievable since Minnesota is fly-over country.  No one has ever visited me, so this is quite an event.  On the other hand, what do people do here?  Lord knows I wouldn't choose it as my touristic destination so I count my blessings twice that they are coming to see us!!!  I do have a few activities planned including several trips to the YMCA.  She said that she wanted to relax so relax we will, after a hard workout!  Meanwhile, please let the air mattress fit in my scrapbook room, lol.

I have also been pouring over the internet researching everything and anything related to our upcoming Alaskan cruise.  It's safe to say that after this trip, most everything will appear inexpensive in contrast!  The line is drawn in the snow when it comes to dog sledding on the glacier.  At $550 per person for 2 hours, my children are welcome to pay for that excursion when they visit Alaska on their own. I will, however, look into booking something up north of Minnesota for a dog sledding trip this winter, something I had never considered before researching this cruise!  

The house is starting to smell good. I'd better go help prepare dinner being it's not my day after all :)  

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tasty, the Father Baker

I have been so delinquent in the blogsphere lately.  When I find myself falling asleep and waking up to thoughts of an all consuming project at work, everything else just falls by the wayside.

Father's Day is right around the corner. Along with a couple of layouts published in the Scrapbooking Boys and Men, I have a few projects to show in the next couple of weeks.  First is this layout I did for the Creating Keepsakes' blog, taking inspiration from Mandi Buchanan's layout.

The photo was from last fall when my dad decided to taking on baking which ended in many tasty treats and expanded waist for us.  He took his skills back to Shanghai and his braided breads became extremely celebrated among all the friends and relatives.

The arrows really drew me in and I can only wish to achieve that kind of realism on a non-digital page! I imitated the look by using my Cameo and creating a negative space of the gray polka dot paper. 
Summer officially arrived this week for the kids as they both tearfully said goodbye to another school year.  Just the thought of summer bores them to death even though their schedules will be packed with many activities. First Born starts a three-weeks course at Summer Academy next week. Between summer piano lessons and YMCA swim team, she will barely finish reading one book a day.  Second Child will go to day camp every afternoon.  While her schedule will be less structured than her sister's, there's plenty of opportunity for excitement.  To go out on a bang, we are taking them to Vancouver for an Alaskan cruise at the end of this summer, so their complaints of boredom annoys me to no end.

Tonight is the season finale of HBO's Game of Thrones. Last week's red wedding was every bit as awful as I imagined in my head and worse!  Obviously nothing is totally resolved since we are still waiting for book 6 and 7 to be written. While I am not looking for a happy ending, but my gosh, let there be something cathartic please!