Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Color Room 148

Continuing from the last post, I am showing a few photos borrowed from others for this post. We visited Persnickety Prints during our CK trip.  Laina asked me to do a jump outside of the store, and I enthusiastically obliged.  One shot was all she took!  Hilarious stuff!  I do this jump on a very regular basis in workouts and am more than extremely happy to show it off on the street, LOL. 
One final photo by Megan before we all boarded our planes.  Is it me or does Gretchen's suitcase look like it can swallow the other three? lol.  
Here's looking at us: creative time at Stampin' Up! 
I have more photos so I'm going to milk it!  There will be a next time :)

Now onto something I have not done in a long time: a Color Room layout!  How I have missed doing these so I am back participating with the palettes! Lydell has done an amazing job running and keeping up the Color Room.  She is my hero and I really am glad to be able to contribute what little I can.  One tiny sad note: I thought the sage green was gray, oh well! 
I was immediately reminded of the reasons why I love doing these palettes: it's just pure fun.  Find a photo, match some colors, say something if I want to, nothing if I don't.  Dig through the stash, use up some products, enjoy myself!  I love scrapbooking!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Back from Creating Keepsakes

This week, I had the pleasure of attending the annual Creating Keepsakes' editorial board meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I spent three glorious days evaluating the magazine issues from the past year, discussing trends of today, brainstorming ideas for upcoming issues with fellow Dream Team members and CK's editorial team.  It was all work and all fun at the same time.  There was plenty of good eats and creative time too. It is so cool to see how things work behind the scenes and to be given the opportunity to understand the business side of the magazine.

Some great changes are being made to Creating Keepsakes, digital editions are available and a substantial expansion of the digital portion of the magazine is coming to subscribers.  The magazine is definitely taking steps to adapt to the environment, both economically and also technology-wise.  Adaptability is a key to long term business viability so it is a good thing that the management is actively taking these necessary steps.

Here are some photos from the three glorious days: Jennifer, editor-in-chief, at the helm, leading us through three days worth of meeting agenda.

This is a hint as to where we did our creative time!

The whole gang inside the headquarter of Stampin' Up!

We also visited another little spot... WOWsER!

Lastly, here we are with Joannie in the CK office!

The last 48 hours were far from glorious.  Due to flight cancellations and bad weather, Jana and I traveled for two days to finally get home, even spending a night in Spokane!  I need to get the dust off me to attend a birthday celebration for my father-in-law.  Have a wonderful weekend and I shall be back with more photos of this fun trip.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Miao Headdress

What a week this had been!  The weather really played a number on our situation, to go or not to go, that was the question.  First Born suggested to her daddy that he should make a pros and cons list regarding his intended business trip to Wisconsin.  We had a huge laugh over that suggestion.  She was serious though, as the next day, she handed me a pros and cons list on playing violin. LOL!! + oh no!

Here is a layout I did for Creating Keepsakes' blog using Glitz Design's Love You Madly. I am so in love this glorious collection, the soft colors are so delightful. 

This is a major milestone for me, using washi tape on a layout for the first time!  They are quite fun to use especially when they are so very pretty!  I did some misting on this layout too, using this really cool stencil from Crafter's Workshop called Cell Theory.

As for this layout, it is about this lovely headdress my parents got for Second Child, leaving me having to explain the injustice and unfairness of this world to First Born! Oh well!  

I am headed to Salt Lake City tomorrow at the crack of dawn to attend meetings at Creating Keepsakes headquarters!  Meeting all the editors and fellow dream team members will be a dream come true in of itself! I'd better sign off and keep on packing, I will report back when I return!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Splash Fun

I am totally excited to dive into these beautiful and bright colors of Sweet Girl by Echo Park.  They really perfectly complement the crazy colors of summer fun!  The rainbow paper of this collection was particularly fun and I basically cut it up first and designed the rest of page around the cut-outs.  The snow has almost melted but it is a long way from this kind of splash fun for us, so I reminisce and anticipate by doing this page!
Here is a close up photo of the 3-d elements on this page.  I think I am reverting back to my flatter page days so I have to actually think about adding accents that are dimensional.  Also, all the amazing Project Life products out there are like a flat girl's dream come true! 
This close-up photo shows the lovely rainbow paper and the sticker title I added to it.
This upcoming week is going to be an interesting one.  DH is out of town for a business trip so I have to take over the kids' daily routine!  I will have to get them breakfast and prepare their lunches!  I don't know how their father does it every day!  Just typing it makes me tired! LOL.  I have planned a few fun excursions for us, mostly involving the mall and restaurants.  Who would have thought that I would one day love to shop for workout clothes?!  Gone are the days of frumpy look, that's for work and home!  At the gym, I shall look like I own a franchise of Lucy Activeware, LOL!  

Today was the launch of BodyPump 85 for me and I thought the bicep track was a killer.  Much ado about nothing was made about the Lunges track due to the jumps onto the step. Fortunately, I am very accustomed to doing them for BodyStep so I survived admirably. It's always good to change things up and I think I will be happy to do this release for three weeks.  

Here's to a great day for all of us. Night gathers, and now my watch begins. Waiting for Dark Wings Dark Words!