Friday, February 22, 2013

Independence National Historical Park

This is a 2-pager I did last month for a sketch call by Creating Keepsakes.  Even though the layout was not picked up, I really really love how it turned out.  I feel that the sketch was phenomenally well designed, lending itself easily into an easy and good-looking layout.  

There is a spot in the sketch that called for a 4x10 photo. I have a tip to share on what I did with that photo requirement.  
  • Take a regular photo and sized it in Picasa (any photo editing tool would do) to be 4x10, call the photo A.  
  • Size A into two photos:
    • Take the left most part of A and sized it to be 4x6, saved it.  
    • Reverted A back to its original 4x10 size.  
    • Take the right most part of A and sized it to be 4x6.  
    • The two 4x6 photos have some overlap. Have the two 4x6 photos printed and cut them to form the bottom 4x10 photo that you see in this layout.

I realize most people have printers at home and print at will the size they want.  However, there's gotta be at least one other person in this world like me who still has all her photos printed in a store online or somewhere? :)
I am proud to say that I had the kids dressed in red and blue for the express purpose of visiting the patriotic parts of Philadelphia!  Why complicate my scrapbooking life when they can fit immediately into paper collections meant for the U.S. of A? :)  They can wear purple when we go see a Barney show :)

I have been saving this particular collection, American Made, by MME for a couple of years.  Talk about a classic collection that will never go out of style!  I like it!

Winter is still raging on outside!  I dream of summer and vacationing...


Michelle said...

This a fabulous page!!! I love the double page spreads. I too have to send my pics out to be printed. So, thanks for the resizing tip. :) Last St. Patty's day was almost 80! I have a pic of Ben outside with a squirt bottle playing (washing his power wheels tractor). I doubt we will get as lucky this year. I don't have the luck of the Irish (and I am almost 1/2 Irish). LOL Snow is still coming down as I type this. I shoveled before I took the boy to school and I know I will have to go out again before I pick him up. Took hubby 2 hrs to go from RF's to Mpls. To say he was not happy is an understatement. Work stuck him on the lousy 8-5 shift. He is fed up with the commute.

Nathalie said...

Great double pager Jing-Jing and I especially love the extra large photo! You're too funny about choosing the girls outfit according to the destination! My boys would never agree to that! :)
Stay warm!

Denise Price said...

Great photo tip!

I'll be your one other person who still has her photos printed. :) It's so easy to send the photos to Walgreens, so that's what I do. There is usually a coupon, and it's cheap even without the coupon.

Deana said...

I don't know if I'll ever be able to do anything this technical with photoshop. All I read is gibberish. Just come visit & do it for me... ok? And the page ROCKS BIG TIME. Seriously? Why didn't it get picked up?????

Michelle said...

So, your "Independence" cameo cut.. was that bought from the store, or did you weld it together and cut it. I love the font. It would work great for a page I am finishing (the font).

Alice Wertz said...

i'd be one of those that orders photo prints online. =) thanks for the printing tip. beautiful layout, Jing-Jing. love it! hope you have a lovely weekend and stay warm! =)

Audrey Pettit said...

This is beautiful! Fabulous photos and a great design!

alexandra s.m. said...'re the Best!
I love your double page Jing Jing!

Kim said...

totally digging your title around the corner!

Angi said...

Gorgeous photos on your page. Fantastic design too!

Charlene said...

Spretular design, I love it !!

Christie Bryant said...

Awesome layout! I'm shocked it wasn't picked up!