Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween everyone!  I will be trick-or-treating as myself and scaring all kinds of people along the way soon. lol.  Last year, the kids had some awesome costumes but I'm not sure how it will work out this year.  I guess when I get home from work, we can find out / figure out how the costumes will go down. LOL.  

Here is a layout published in the Creating Keepsakes September/October 2012 issue.  My assignment was to use a clip-art and create a stitched embellishment for the layout. Most of the products on the pages is MME's Halloween collection from last year. I love love love that collection.  The name is currently escaping me though!
And a few weeks ago, I did a layout using the Fancy Pants Oct 31 collection in the sketch contest.  Second Child was a little younger in that costume.  I so wish she could still wear it because it's actually a nice warm one!  I swear costumes are mostly pointless here in Minnesota. Why? Because you have to put a coat over the costume! Sigh...  Back in 2002, I was in San Francisco attending a conference over Halloween.  There the princesses and Frankensteins do not have to layer on a parka to go trick-or-treating. LOL. 

Well, I hope you have a great Halloween.  I am unprepared this year.  When I get home from work, I need to empty out their bags of candies from last year yet.  Then they can go fill them up again for me to dump out in 365 days!  LOL.  Spook away! 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Bling and Coming Home

Today I get to go home!  DH has long departed when my work conference started here in Vegas earlier this week.  Good thing we did our hiking trip before the conference so I built up my walking muscles to deal with the huge resort and even huger conference center! Surrounded by 12,000 closest friends, even this extreme extrovert is ready to go home! I can't wait to eat some boring home meals and get back to the gym.  

On Doodlebug's blog, my Christmas bling layout has been posted. It's perfectly timed since I am greatly looking forward to getting back to my little nest. Each year, we take a photo in front of the tree on Christmas Day.  The photos always turn out nicely because presents don't get opened till I'm happy with the photos.  Incentive!! :)  This tree cut became available the day I sat down to do this layout and it was so perfect for what I wanted to do with the photo and the Doodlebug bling.  
Here is a close-up photo of the blinged up tree :) All the bling came from a single Doodlebug package: "jewels: Christmas assortment."  It is a great cost effective way of doing embellishment. Cute cute stuff!

So there you have it! Be sure to stop by doodlebug's blog and check out the amazing layouts and cards all blinged up by  its DT members. 
Here is one more photo from the hiking days last week.  Can you spot us in it? :) 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

5th and Frolic with Easter Egg

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the case of 5th and Frolic, I had to see it in person to completely fall in love head and heels. I absolutely adore this collection's soft palettes: sweet, serene, and subtle.  I took the path of the least resistant and went to the Easter photo stash.  I am not good at scrapping Easter photos. Here in Minnesota, April is usually still too cold for pretty Easter dresses and egg hunting in pastels. This past year, we got close but not close enough.  The kids defied my orders to suffer the wind for the sake of photos, so a jacket over the pretty dress was all I could get :) 
I totally loved the chipboard elements that are a part of this collection. I used them immediately on this layout.  As for my bling border, I individually added each little piece. That was a long and arduous process. I can't say that it was completely worth it, lol.
We are having a great time here at Zion National Park. Today we conquered the Angel's Landing, a hike that is accompanied with many warnings of death and more death.  We are grateful that we survived and have a pretty awesome photo to show for it. In total, we hiked about 8 miles and elevated ourselves 1500 feet in the process.  I even managed to see a condor resting and in flight!  We also observed some serious rock climbers on the side of a cliff.  All in all, it was a great day.  We don't have time to do the Narrows so that will have to wait for the next time. Oh it's time to get some rest. There's more to hike tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Swimmer

I feel like celebrating because I could not have asked for a better collection of papers to scrap First Born's swimming photos from this summer.  She's pictured in the photos winning her 50 meter race this summer. I also want to jump up and down for a 2-pager well done, so maybe the title is really a compliment to myself, lol. If you have sportive people in your lives and I know you do, please check out the Little Sport collection by Fancy Pants. You will love the way it looks, I guarantee it :) 

This is her third year on the local YMCA swim team already and we are happy that she is doing well.  If nothing else, she swims for a couple of miles three nights a week. That ought to keep her in shape. Even with her mild asthma, she gets out of breath after running just a little distance, so we are extra glad for this particular form of exercise.

All right folks, have yourselves a wonderful week. We are visiting Zion and Bryce Canyon so there's a lot of hiking to do, so I'd better get to it!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Goodies Lead to Beautiful

My gentle readers may remember my attempt at subtracting from infinity, aka, organizing/purging my scrapbook room a while ago.  I made a small dent into infinity but as expected, infinity mends itself rather quickly.  Ultimately, recognizing that I will never stop buying more stuff helped my purging. What goes out will come back in Archiver's bags. LOL.

Here is a layout after a recent trip to Archiver's.  I just love those rose papers by MME and wanted to use it immediately.  It's a little sad that her cheeks are less round with each passing day, so it's nice to have a photo or two to remind me of what I once could pinch daily, lol.

Do you LOVE that pink butterfly by Crate Paper from a collection of several years ago?  I have a tip for you, find it here in the Silhouette store that looks so similar! Now I will never run out of this gorgeous butterfly!  Rejoice!
Here's an update on the baker's progress.  Dad made a batch of chocolate chip cookies following the recipe on the back of the chips package.  They were flat and crunch, D- at best, LOL.  He commented how they don't look like the ones he typically sees, so I guess I will have to look around for recipes that he can try.  If you have a good cookie recipe, please link me up :)   

Dad also told the kids this morning that he was going to bake an apple pie for them.  I am not a fan of apple pies, so I wanted to intervene and change his direction :) However, it turns out that he meant to bake a French apple tarte. Well, we approve! A tart sounds awfully complicated and difficult. It he gets it done before we leave for vacation, I will take some pictures.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spooky to Say the Least

I don't have pictures today to report on the baker's continued success with the oven :) Over the weekend, we decided that it was time to order what we would like to have baked next.  We pointed him to the Rugelach recipe that the kids and I are gaga over, and he went to work.  My mother, ever so frugal, disapproved the expensive mascarpone ($5 container) my dad had bought to make the rugelach.  I was more "concerned" about the two sticks of butter, but whatever, I will sacrifice my body for my palate :)

This layout is on the Doodlebug blog today. To say that First Born was spooky looking was a serious understatement.  That lost front tooth was the perfect "accessory" for her costume and smeared on makeup. Hideous, but that was what she was going for as an evil queen/witch.
The die-cut background in green is a Cameo cut.  These background cuts are seriously wonderful and cuts down on purchases in punches!  I need to play more with these background cuts, so many possibilities exist!  

One more week and I am headed for a mini-vacation and then a conference for work.  I'm working in overdrive hoping to get the proverbial ducks lined up so I can be gone.  We haven't given a single thought to the vacation planning so we will just wing it.  We'll get a map once we are there and figure out where we want to hike. LOL.

Thanks for stopping by and I'm off to check on the baker's progress :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

He Does It Again with a Pesto Wreath

Dad's baking career has taken off!  I am thoroughly impressed as I am required to be as well as I truly am. lol. This was a second take on Pesto Wreath Bread and it turned out both beautifully and deliciously!

The funny thing is that as I am typing this post, he is hovering and telling me that next up is a Walnut Bacon Herb Kugelhopf!  LOL.  Then he said to my mother about me: "Now she has to go to the YMCA a few extra times!" LOL.  No joke!  I had five little sections of this thing today!  UGH!  I guess my next post will be about my expanding waistline and his first attempt at a kugelhopf, lol. This little blog is gonna turn into a foodie one soon, hee hee. 
Before the foodies fully take over, there is still scrapbooking left in me yet!  Here is a layout I created for the Fancy Pants blog.  We were to showcase a free download from the Fancy Pants website and use it on  a project. I combined papers from both the Good Life and the Country Boutique collections for this layout. I had just gotten a box from Fancy Pants and was delighted to receive a set of artisan banners which I used immediately in this layout.   
I chose the "It's the Little Things" rubon and converted it into an SVG cut with a simple click using the MTC software.  Then I used it as a corner accent for the frame around the photo. 
This project turned out so satisfactorily for me. Since my mother disapproves such bulky layouts in her albums, a suitable solution is to frame it and have it mounted on the wall of their Shanghai home!  I will demand a photo for proof! LOL.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.  I'd better hit the gym! Y M C A !

Monday, October 1, 2012

Panettone and Many Cards

I admit that I had never heard of panettone till I got home today and saw the one my father has made. He's been describing it to me and asking me for a mold to make it for a couple of weeks now. AS IF!  He finally used an over-sized tomato soup can to make this Christmas bread originating from Milan.

Dad started his baking career last week. His braided sweet bread was a huge hit: we ate it in record time.  Encouraged by this success, he moved onto panettone, something he kept telling me that was only available around Christmas time when they lived in Dakar.  He did a wonderful job of course. It's really delicious.  I am impressed of course. No way my first attempt of baking a bread from scratch would be this successful!

PhotobucketThis past weekend was devoted to sorting, making, grouping, and photographing cards.  October means United Way drive and auction at work!  So far, I have close to 80 cards ready for auction.  You can say that I'm flooding my own market!  I will have to brace for a few sets not selling!  I really hope $2 a card isn't too much to ask for an auction for United Way. I would like to beat my friend Heather in the secret competition of "the biggest seller."  She is a kick-butt baker and her treats go for big bucks!  Hmm... maybe my dad should bake another panettone to help boost my "botton line!" LOL.

Back to these cards...  I had a ton of fun cutting stuff using my Cameo.  My collection is ever growing with my premium subscription.  Making cards is a great way of just trying the cuts!  Here are a few samples generated this weekend.

This above is my favorite set. I love how a few simple words can be so effective for a card.  And that giraffe is beyond adorable! I hope the auction buyers will agree with me, hee hee. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. A wonderful week to you!