Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Cards with Fancy Pants

Christmas is right around the corner.  The kids are off to school for the last school day of 2012 and I am home for the remainder of the year.  I am headed to BodyPump to get this staycation kicked off properly, then a lunch at an India restaurant with my beloved, and then poetry reading at school with the kids. Somewhere in between, I need to visit Archiver's and make more Christmas cards.  I was ahead of the game a couple of weeks ago when I made these, but they go out faster than I can make them!  

I used almost exclusively Fancy Pants Designs' collections for these Christmas cards.  I had a jolly good time making them and the recipients were so gracious and it was all around wonderful! I am incorporating my cutters as much as I can nowadays.  I used the Cameo and cuts from the Silhouette online store for these two cards.  That reindeer is a Fancy Pants rubon from several years ago.

Then, onto my beloved and trusted Cricut machine. One of the new cartridges I got on Thanksgiving this year was Suburbia. It is now my all-time favorite cartridge!  Most images on this cartridge take no more than three cuts before it can be assembled and done!  I love it!  
I have a little tutorial for you using the Scor-buddy tool.  I created it as a part of the Fancy Pants Designs and Scor-pal blog hop.  First I cut out the shape using my Cricut and Suburbia cartridge.  Then I flip the cut over and draw lines on the skirt to indicate where to score. 

Then I score the dress following the pencil lines. When you turn the cut over, you can see the dress is now nicely scored / embossed with such lovely texture. 
Then you assemble the cut and add a little trim for additional pizzazz  Isn't she good looking?  In another version of the card.  I added a button to enhance the cut.  I cut out a gift from "Holiday Thoughts" from the Home for Christmas collection for both cards.  Put the gal in front of the layered background.  Add sentiments and voila!  

This is how I will wrap up my post today.  I wish you and yours a lovely holiday season. Whatever you may be celebrating, may it be blessed, joyful and full of peace and grace!  


Karen B. said...

These turned out great. The scored skirt is a cute idea. Have a happy holiday!

Sandi Cl~ said...

What fabulous cards! Makes me want to dust off my Cricut and give it a spin around the block! I haven't heard of that Suburbia cart. Will have to check it out! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Michelle said...

These are great, Jing Jing. You aren't kidding when you said they go out faster than one can make them. It's the same here too. I am looking forward to the Christmas break from school. Possibly braving the MOA tomorrow with a friend. Hubby home all next week to get some things done around this house.

Keri said...

Love the scored diecut skirt, as well as that gorgeous reindeer rub-on! I have to admit, you helped to finally inspire me to enter the world of electronic diecutting for the first time...Cameo Christmas, here I come, whoo hoo! :) :)
Happy Holidays, Jing-Jing!

Audrey Pettit said...

What gorgeous cards, Jing Jing! Absolutely love your fancy lady silhouette cut and LOVE the detail you added with the score lines. Really beautiful!

Audrey Pettit said...

What gorgeous cards, Jing Jing! Absolutely love your fancy lady silhouette cut and LOVE the detail you added with the score lines. Really beautiful!

Charlene said...

Gorgeous Jing Jing!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

alexandra s.m. said...

Fabulous post! Love the message at th eend and LOVE the cards of course!

Have a beautiful Christmas Jing jing!!

Lots of Hugs~

Audrey Pettit said...

A very merry Christmas to you and yours, Jing Jing!