Saturday, November 24, 2012

Talk about Winter Melon

The first snowfall of the season happened on Thanksgiving Day.  The temperature dropped 40 some degrees on that day.  We woke up to a balmy 60 degrees but the winds brought in the cold air and the snowflakes.  I suppose now is an appropriate time to "ode" our winter melons.

This year, my parents grew winter melons in our garden. The Chinese call them winter melons because they can typically be stored for 12 months without refrigeration. In the olden days, they were one of the few vegetables available in the winter time. Ironically and in fact, the winter melons require very warm weather to grow.  My parents started the process a little too late in the summer so we only harvested one 18-lb melon and a few other smaller ones.  Nevertheless the "experiment" was a success considering these giant melons are usually grown on the ground like pumpkins, but my dad was ingenious enough to keep them propped up and "hanging" on the trellis.
I used the Fancy Pants Designs' latest collection Blissful Blizzard for this layout. I particularly like the weather worn background paper I used.  It is perfect for my subject matter here.

Here are a couple of close-up photos collaged together. The stitching is simply some rubon in my stash. It's been forever since I used the sewing machine on my layouts. It's just too much work for me, lol.

This has been a wonderful holiday weekend for me.  I returned to the gym on Monday and my back seems to be fully recovered.  The very last class I waited to return to was BodyPump, and I was very pleased to survive it without any problems.  Mind you, I can hardly move due to sore muscles, but it feels good! I even tried out a new class called "R.I.P.P.E.D." coming to my local Y next February   If the schedule permits, I shall be a regular in that class for sure! Lastly, I returned to the scene of the crime and took my Cardio Kick class with Stephanie today.  All was well! Thank heavens!

Tomorrow is going to be church, football, and friends.  I feel so blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2012

One-Room School

Last summer when we were out in Pennsylvania Dutch country, we had the pleasure of visiting a one-room school house. It was fascinating for the kids in particular and Second Child certainly loved trying out the seats. She also did some pretending reading of the dictionary and some pretending napping on the book. 

This layout uses exclusively the Fancy Pants Off to School collection. I really love that background patterned paper with all the letters!!  It was so hard to part with such glorious beauty!  The hoarder in me was disappointed that I didn't resist keeping it forever, lol. 

The weekend is here and it is going to be a busy one.  I have some scrapping that must be done so here's to hoping that I will be able to accomplish everything!  My back is much better but I have not returned to the gym yet. Since I count on endorphin to reduce stress, frustration and for anger management, you can say things are not going well, lol.  All hilarity aside, I desperately want to get back. I wish I could say that I've used the ten hours this week to further other causes around the house, alas!

On a different note, does anyone use the Cricut Craft Room?  I finally decided to check it out and got it installed and configured yesterday. I am really excited that the tool allows me to alter the images before cutting! I still need to configure my Expression 2 for wireless access.  Other than that, I've tested cutting from my own cartridges and from the online libraries.  Everything works as expected.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner which means my annual cartridge shopping day is almost here!  There is a lot of pros and cons discussion comparing and contrasting Cricut Expression and the Silhouette Cameo.  I am so fortunate to have, like and use both. Let me mull over this topic and jot down a few thoughts of my own...  at another time.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Catching up

With Daylight Savings over, the days have shortened dramatically.  Psychologically, there are fewer hours in a day, so it would seem.  I also usher in the season of no photographing of projects except on weekends.

I have much to lament. Taking a vacation day yesterday, I went to my favorite Cardio-kickboxing class as usual.  I do so enjoy the butt kicking workout but after some particularly strenuous mountain climbers on the floor.  I noticed that my lower back was feeling stiff.  I had to skip some moves but I pressed on for another 25 minutes till the class was over.  By the time I showered and cleaned up, I knew that I had "thrown my back out." My dental hygienist remarked how I was walking funny when I was there in the afternoon. By yesterday evening, I could hardly move. Turning in bed caused the most disgusting pain!  So I guess this is it for me for a couple of weeks. I will miss out my favorite BodyStep release for the next two weeks.  I feel cheated.

Sitting and scrapping were no picnic either! If I dropped anything on the floor, I would have to yell for Second Child to pick it up for me.  But I couldn't just sit/lie around all day without accomplishing something, so here it is a brand new layout.
The funny thing was that I took this picture because her school librarian asked all students to send her photos of themselves reading in the summer.  We did the "photo shoot" one day before the photos were due. In the process of doing the "photo shoot," she became engrossed in the book quickly and ignored my demands of more poses. Oh well.

Here are a couple of close-up photos of the layout.  The title is a cut from the Silhouette online store. Those are my favorite types of cuts from Silhouette: non-layered cuts. This adorable Yearbook collection by Studio Calico is so delightful to use.  Here's a tip, it matches October Afternoon's Midway extremely well.  The color schemes are pretty much identical!!

Speaking of October Afternoon, check out what I did one October afternoon not too long ago...  LOL.  I went to the OA warehouse sale for the first time, and it was worth the 28 miles of drive, LOL.  
Lastly, I have a photo of the delicious rugelachs my father made.  Between his baking and my inability to move, I am afraid... very afraid...