Monday, October 1, 2012

Panettone and Many Cards

I admit that I had never heard of panettone till I got home today and saw the one my father has made. He's been describing it to me and asking me for a mold to make it for a couple of weeks now. AS IF!  He finally used an over-sized tomato soup can to make this Christmas bread originating from Milan.

Dad started his baking career last week. His braided sweet bread was a huge hit: we ate it in record time.  Encouraged by this success, he moved onto panettone, something he kept telling me that was only available around Christmas time when they lived in Dakar.  He did a wonderful job of course. It's really delicious.  I am impressed of course. No way my first attempt of baking a bread from scratch would be this successful!

PhotobucketThis past weekend was devoted to sorting, making, grouping, and photographing cards.  October means United Way drive and auction at work!  So far, I have close to 80 cards ready for auction.  You can say that I'm flooding my own market!  I will have to brace for a few sets not selling!  I really hope $2 a card isn't too much to ask for an auction for United Way. I would like to beat my friend Heather in the secret competition of "the biggest seller."  She is a kick-butt baker and her treats go for big bucks!  Hmm... maybe my dad should bake another panettone to help boost my "botton line!" LOL.

Back to these cards...  I had a ton of fun cutting stuff using my Cameo.  My collection is ever growing with my premium subscription.  Making cards is a great way of just trying the cuts!  Here are a few samples generated this weekend.

This above is my favorite set. I love how a few simple words can be so effective for a card.  And that giraffe is beyond adorable! I hope the auction buyers will agree with me, hee hee. Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. A wonderful week to you!  


Karen B. said...

Your cards are brilliant, especially the giraffe, and kudos to your father for making bread that turned out look yummy!

Beth Hallgren said...

LOVE the flower card! (the rest are awesome too :})

Keri said...

So cute, I love especially the top flower one, gorgeous Cameo cut!

Nathalie said...

I am sure your cards will sell like "hot cakes" hehe :D Your dad is right Panettone is sold typically around Christmas time in Europe but also at Trader Joe's ;) Looks yummy!

Aubree said...

Your dad is too cute!!!

Love the cards! You can absolutely get $2 each....heck I was in Papyrus last week and they wanted $6 for a card! Crazy!

alexandra s.m. said...

Your Dad's Panettone looks incredible!
Panettone differs from one region to another, it can be covered with chocolate or in the shape of a lamb for Easter! Getting it right is not easy and your Dad seems to have nailed it!!BRAVO! Next the Parisian Brioche, right? can you say BUTTER?!

Your cards look so professional, really superb!


Kim said...

I really do need a cameo, you make itlook socool to use, love these cards!

Audrey Pettit said...

Now how cute is your sweet dad???? I LOVE that happy photo of him with his Panettone! And how awesome that you have 80 cards ready for auction! Really loving all the die cuts and designs, especially that word art one. Keeping my fingers crossed that you kick butt on the bottom line!

Deana said... that he just started his baking career last week. The cards are beautiful & I think $2/card is too cheap! You'd pay more than that for a boring Hallmark card!

Michelle said...

Your dad's bread looks fabulous!! YUM! Love the pic of him too with that big smile on his face. :)
Your cards are beautiful. I too think you could definitely get $2/card!!

Christie Bryant said...

Wow! That bread looks amazing!
And your cards sets are so adorable, I'm sure they will all sell!!!!

Denise Price said...

Adorable cards!

That bread sounds great, and your dad looks proud of his success.

I still wonder what color the inside of a winter melon is...

KanataNewf said...

I visit quite often but don't often leave a comment but I had to today. That is such a delightful picture of your proud Dad with his bread. Made me smile.

Alice Wertz said...

wow! that is a pretty big tomato can and that panettone looks really yummy! looks like your father is going to have a very successful career in baking! lucky you! =) love your bold and graphic style in cards, Jing-Jing! my favorites are the last two, too! so cool! hope you win at the auction this time! hope you have fabulous weekend, too! =)

Debbi Tehrani said...

Go, dad!

Awesome cards. LOVE that giraffe one!