Thursday, September 27, 2012

Winter Melon and North Pole Cards

Yesterday, my parents harvested our first ever winter melon. At 18 lbs, it was a whopper considering it was "hanging" on the vine.  My dad made some kind of contraption to hold it in place for it to grow.  I asked and was told that they are typically grown on the ground like pumpkins but we don't have that kind of room in the backyard, lol.

A traditional winter melon soup was made and it was delicious.  DH asked me if it was how I remembered it in childhood.  That question struck me as odd because I've even bought and cooked it myself a few years ago (never again, but that's another story). Neither kids liked it which brings me to my question.  Is there any hope in introducing new vegetables to kids?  Not that it is important to me that they like or eat winter melon. After all, once their grandparents no longer live with us, they will never be presented with that choice again.  The same thing goes for eggplants, Chinese chives, pea tips, so on and so forth. Frankly the less they want to eat it, the more there is for me to eat! :)    

I have a couple of cards to share as well. They are made using the North Pole collection by Doodlebug Designs. This entire week has been dedicated to North Pole on the Doodlebug blog, so be sure to stop there to check out all the other creations by the design team.  What a cute collection and I look forward to having these cards auctioned for the United Way in October!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Today was one chilly and windy autumn day! I would not have conceded that summer was over if we didn't go to the apple orchard, shivering and cold. We were not prepared with gloves or even sweaters!  As I looked through the pile of photos I took today, I was reminded that this layout was probably never posted on my blog.  It was created for the Purple Cows booth at CHA winter 2012 showcasing its Wind It tool and wires.

Last year, we had enough apples on our trees to have a picking "event" in the backyard but this year brought exactly one apple total :)  No worries, we picked up enough Honey Crisps today to last DH a couple of months!  I do hope to get my act together and scrapbook more in the coming months... Today's outing is just so perfect for  a mini-album for example!

Check out the wires around this chipboard accent.  Isn't it cool?  Those photo corners are created using the Wind It tool. I do appreciate the fun factor in this tool and the unique embellishments it creates. 

In an effort to encourage myself to scrapbook more, I stopped by Archiver's after the family outing.  I picked up both the Yearbook and Classic Calico v.3 paper packs and a few other things.  I couldn't believe how I've been missing out for months! Those two collections are seriously breathtaking! I reflected how much I have changed!  Four years ago, I would have pre-ordered, ordered, and bought such lovelies the minute CHA sneaks came out!  LOL.  It's all good. :)  Now that the kids are older, life is so much busier!  Enough rambling on here at the old blog and time to do some scrapping!  A wonderful weekend to you!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

North Pole Anyone?

Doodlebug introduced an extremely fun and vibrant collection for Christmas called North Pole.  As usual, it sends me off squealing "cute!" :)  My absolute favorite things from this collection are the whimsical trees!  They are seriously adorable!  

Most of the time, I am satisfied with the photos I take of my layouts, but I do wish this one is a tiny bit brighter because the papers in this collection are very cheerful.  The white in this collection really sparkles.  I wish I could have emphasized the whites even better in this photograph, but take my word for it.  It is outstanding!

So are my children on this particular occasion, sharing a pen and writing a list.  First Born was ever trying teach Second Child and this was an exceptional day because it did not result in a fight!  Perhaps they know quarreling while creating the list gives it bad qi which Santa will surely sense? :)
I particularly loved the cardstock stickers with these little frames.  I just happened to have on hand a few tiny photos (2x3) and they were perfectly framed by these stickers!  I had planned to mat the photos with white cardstock but this was was a lot more interesting.  The massive title is another cut in the Silhouette store.  With just a couple of clicks, I created the mat so that the title can stand out more against the background.  I do love the flexibility of the machine and software combination!

Doodlebug is offering a give-away of a North Pole Essentials Kit.  Details found on the Doodlebug's blog, so be sure to enter to win it!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Look Here

I was assigned to do a scraplift of another DT member for a project on the Fancy Pants blog.  I chose to scraplift Kim Watson because of her fun and whimsical style. Her layout compositions are always unique and nothing that I could cook up myself.  I thought this layout, Happy Day, would be a fun project to emulate because it is quintessentially Kim, absolutely adorable, and again, nothing I could dream up by myself.

I find photograph matching to be the most challenging thing in scraplifting, both in size and in number. Ultimately, I almost always go with my photos the way they are and re-configure the page accordingly. I think the results of such adjustments may make the layout look significantly different from the original and I am perfectly happy with that. 

I incorporated many of the elements Kim used in her layout, such as tiny little borders, several rectangles of patterned papers. I even broke out two bottles of mists but I did decide against busting out the sewing machine!  There are chipboard pieces, buttons, and various sticker arrows to match her stars. It was a thoroughly enjoyable process scraplifting Kim.  My layout, ultimately, reflects me and my traditional and simpler style.

For the title, I combined two different cuts purchased from the Silhouette store "The tour starts here" &"Look" and modified them to suit my need.  There's no way I can design my own cuts but making these types of changes are fast and simple to do. 

The weekend is winding down and I am happy to say that I was more scrappy productive this time around! I hope to update mid-week with a project for Doodlebug with its latest Christmas collection. Happy football Sunday!  My team lost already so hopefully yours is doing better :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Birthday Layout - Three

The end of the year always brings out awesome sales.  Last Christmas, I took advantage of a great sale and snatched up some absolutely delightful paper from Pebbles Inc's Fresh Goods collection.  I set out to create a few projects to submit to the Cricut Magazine and this is one of them in the Birthdays Idea book.

Second Child's birthday weather is mostly nice but the year she turned three was exceptionally wonderful. Since I always print my photos in batch and long before I typically scrap them, I can tell you that I still have a ton of photos from that year. I have been thinking about switching to "print as I go" but I just can't quite imagine the "workflow" so I haven't done it.
This adorable girl is cut using my Cricut E2 and Something to Celebrate cartridge. Her hair reminds me of Second Child's braids in the photo.  I chose the brown color because there was a stage in her drawing "career" where she distinguished herself from the rest of the family by using brown marker/crayon for her hair. It was helpful for the rest of us to identify her in a drawing even if it is a distinction without much of a difference in real life.  Hee hee. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Relay for Life

A few weeks ago, my family was invited to a fund raising bowling event for Tom's Relay for Life team which benefits the American Cancer Society.  I brought my camera along for photos. However the bowling alley was too dimly lit for great photos inside. I decided to just use this one outside the bowling alley for this layout.  I used mostly the Hopscotch collection from Fancy Pants but also used a couple of sheets from the Country Boutique line, such as the gray background and the gray chevrons.

I am always trying to find ways to incorporate the very scrapper friendly Cameo cuts into my layout. I cut the word "life" and the circles you see in the background using cuts from the Silhouette online store.  Oh, the journaling shape is also a Cameo cut.
I can never get enough of the banner chipboard pieces from fancy pants and pairing them with buttons is a tried and true technique for me.

Today is the first day of school for First Born and the last day of my mini-staycation. Good thing I was at home because I ended up having to drive her to school. The bus finally arrived after I pulled into the driveway after dropping her off. It was 45 minutes late!  LOL. So much for seeing her off on the bus!

With the remainder of the day, I hope to do some scrapping and live out the "day of fun" with Second Child before she starts her academic career tomorrow!  Have a wonderful week!