Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Boy Cards

The week before last saw many of my recent creations with Doodlebug's Snips and Snail collection on the Doodlebug's blog as well as on SRM Stickers' blog.  I am finally finding some time to get them posted here.  I am feeling that making cards is a lot more fun recently than creating scrapbooking pages.  It's probably a time issue for me.  Still one more book to go in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, I've been consumed with reading for the last two months.  What a vice reading is!  LOL.  I have little time for paper crafting while mostly buried in the pages!  Notice the lack of posting on this blog?  Sigh.  lol.

This is probably my favorite card from the bunch.  I tried to be clever and braided the twine so it's thicker to "hang" my little tags.  I like the look but talk about time consuming braiding! LOL.  Oh my gosh, how adorable are these critters eh?  Doodlebug really has the cuteness market completely cornered.  Love love love!
Here's a close-up photo.  You can see the tags hanging off the braided twine better in this photo.  On top of the cardstock dots sticker is an SRM border sticker "oh baby."  The colors coordinate with the Snips and Snails collection so perfectly! 

Lastly, here is a card that I created for the SRM Stickers guest designer spot.  This time, I cut up the border sticker and used it as shown.  The pearls are new products in Doodlebug's line up.  I think they are elegant additions to every project!  Of course, the tried and true buttons, cute stuff all around!

I really had fun making these cards and I think they are all in the pin gallery for Doodlebug now.  It's time to go get some lunch and then hit the gym.  I know we all wish for more time in the day, especially on our days of "rest." :)  Have a wonderful rest of Sunday!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Purple Cows HSN Blog Hop

Welcome to the Purple Cows HSN Day blog hop, today I have a project featuring the Pin It tool and some lovely fun pins. 

Before I talk about my project, here is a list of blogs in case you need to get re-oriented in the blog hop:

Purple Cows

I used the fabulous pins on my layout as an accent connecting various pieces of papers throughout the layout.  I chose the rectangular pins to match the chipboard frame I am using and to add interest contrasting the circles on the layout.  I also used some adorable SRM Stickers throughout the layout. 
Here is a  close-up of the silver pin.
And here is the broze pin.  

Now onto some fun give-away!!  To get in on the fun and be entered into the drawing for some amazing Purple Cows tools. Be sure to leave a comment on all the designer blogs as well as the Purple Cows blog. Follow us or become a Fan on Facebook if you aren't already and share the hop info with your friends by sending them our way or sharing the Purple Cows Hop on your facebook page.

Purple Cows will be giving out the following 7 prizes.  Find them on Purple Cows website!

1. Punch It Autumn
2. Punch It Solstice
3. Punch It Summer
4. Punch It Spring
5. Punch it Winter
6. Wind It and wire
7. Pin It and assorted pins

Thank you so much for stopping by on this hope, your next stop on the blog hop is Becky.  Have a wonderful Monday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Do Pink

It's always a pleasure to be invited back as a guest designer with a former team.  You know your work is appreciated!  This Friday, I am doing just that for SRM Stickers.  Using SRM Stickers for me is quite natural especially for cardmaking! In this Doodlebug sugar and spice card, I used an SRM border sticker and a sentiment sticker.

I have to say, these new Doodlebug baby collections are so cute, I can't get enough of them.  For some reason, they are particularly cute for cards and I will have quite an array of them to post here!  New material is always good, right?
I have realized that I really am not fond of doing "event pages," but the photos are taken and printed, so I sometimes force myself to complete them just so they are "in the books."  Here I used some papers from the Fancy Pants Beach Babe collection and leveraged the existing lines in the paper to add the SRM Stickers' border stickers.  She does love her books, that precocious child of mine... :)

Here is a close-up of the SRM stickers, the rubon horsie from Fancy Pants' Childish Things collection and of course some fun buttons too. 

The weekend is finally here and I will be feverishly working on projects again!  In my spare time, I continue to plow through the "Ice and Fire" series. And oh, let's not forget playing iPad games :)  Have a great one! 

Monday, April 16, 2012


For the Fancy Pants Designs' blog introduction of this pocket chick girl, yours truly, I created this layout. I used mostly the Beach Bum collection with a few chipboard pieces from the Be You collection.  I would have used a head shot photo but it just so happened that my previous blog project on the Fancy Pants Designs' blog was a photo of me and a page about me.  For for yet another "about me" layout, I decided to go a different route and scrap about something that is more personal than not (as if scrapbooking isn't personal otherwise? :) )

           Here is the journaling on the page and about me:
The Fall Bible study brought together a group of disparate women who were the most unlikely bunch to rekindle my desire to seek God.  When I questioned whether my faith was still on solid ground, my heart and all that is emotional within me confirmed it for me over and over again.  But there is no doubt that some contemporary theology does not make sense to me in this world.  As I reach out seeking, I’ve begun to read Dr. Greg Boyd’s God at War book. Subsequently, I have found that he is renaming his ministry to “ReKnew.” Just as he described it, I am one of the many hungry searchers out there: a thinker with legitimate questions that modern Christianity is failing to answer, and a believer who is increasingly uneasy with the inconsistencies in contemporary theology.  I can’t wait to see Jesus all over again as if for the first time: reKnew.
Dr. Boyd was a Theology professor where I attended college.  He is now the pastor of Woodland Hills Church.  His ReKnew ministry's website is in the process of being re-constructed otherwise I would provide you with a link.  The title for my layout and the design is taken from his new ministry's logo.  I am loving the ability to create/imitate a design and have it cut using my Cameo, fun stuff!

That wraps it up for me on this Monday!  Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sugar and Spice are My Girls...

I have a couple of projects to post today.  Both use the Sugar and Spice collection from Doodlebug.  It is an adorable collection, dripping cuteness...  I'm nothing if I'm not into squeak-worthy cuteness like this collection... eek eek eek!  At first glance, one might think it a collection best for baby girls, well, it's much more versatile than that. Granted, having two girls does make using this collection easy peasy :) 

I completely forgot to do a title for this layout!  I remember being really focused on and spending a lot of time in arranging the die-cut pieces onto the layout so they were visually balanced.  I briefly thought about the title, Girls and Dolls perhaps, but it is too late to add it now.  As I predicted in my journaling, once they were back from Mexico, these dolls have not been played with much.  Second Child does have a soft spot in her heart for all her "babies."  At least she rotates them in sleeping with her :) 
Since we are on the topic of cuteness redefined, I can't say enough about Doodlebug's Cardstock Stickers... In the case of Sugar and Spice, as you can see it here, it is darling! I think the colors in real life are much stronger than what you see online. I used the 6x6 paper pad and made this card with Doodlebug's create-a-card card base.  Seriously, how precious is that little girl's dress sticker eh?  I think this will make a nice addition to the fall United Way auction lot, especially considering the create-a-card comes with a set of matching envelopes!  I think I will charge extra for those, all for a good cause of course :) 

Real spring is making a come back here in Minnesota, lol.  We had frost yesterday and will probably have it again tonight...  DH's cherry trees are probably in mortal danger again.  Two years ago, the blossoms were all killed by a frost, what are the chances they will survive this year?  Sigh...

Friday, April 6, 2012

Silver Lining - The Color Room 105

One day, when I look back to all my scrapbook pages, the types of pages where I capture a moment-in-time anecdote will be the most treasured for me.  A trip I am unlikely to forget, but these little things here and there... I might have and would have.

A month or so back, I played with some online tool and transformed this photo into orton-ish.  By that I mean, I clicked a couple of buttons and called it good. Now that feature is built into Picasa, it will be ever more easily accessible should I choose to alter my photos in the future.  I only transform/enhance photos occasionally, in this case, the photo was taken randomly and there are a lot of different competing colors, so I thought I would change it up a little bit.

Second Child and I played Uno one night, and as soon as I won the first round.  She jumped up and down singing "I win Second Place!  I win Second Place!"  Hilarious stuff.
The letters "Silver" is cut with a reflective silver piece of cardstock.  So when I hovered over the layout to photograph, it captured the fuschia color that I was wearing.  You can see the silver better in this close-up photo.  I read on 2peas that some people think that rubons are dying out, well, not for this lady, it isn't!  I used some 3Birds letter rubon for the title and loved every second of rubbing :) 
I should mention that most of the papers used here is a new collection by Teresa Collins called Everyday Moments.  It isn't something I would have picked out to buy if I had just seen it online, but the sublime colors took my breath away at Archiver's!  Here in this close-up, I added an Elle's tag and an OA butterfly.  Oh what fun it is to make a fun layout, lol.
It's Easter this Sunday.  With the wonderful weather, we will probably do some egg hunting outside.  Have a good Easter!  He is Risen.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's April 1 and Winter is Coming

In my household, HBO has been ordered and DVR has been set, and Winter is Coming finally.  This all got started when we switched cable service and was offered a free trial of HBO sometimes last year.  We were able to watch the entire first season of Game of Thrones, and what a terrific and enjoyable season it was! 

But truth be told, I wasn't gaga until I dove into A Song of Ice and Fire with its first volume titled A Game of Thrones while vacationing in Mazatlan.  I am now half way through the third book of the series, and there is just not enough time in the day to get on with the reading!  This is why I try to avoid books because once I get sucked in, it's all consuming and no break!  Oh let the clashing begin tonight! :)
Enough about winter, war, kings, dragons, and Others... it's also April Fool's Day!  Are you planning any fun tricks?  We did a couple of years ago with this egg on toast snack for the kids.  I saw the idea on and it was easy enough to execute.  Pound cake, apricot, and some whipped cream... It looked real enough, but the kids weren't all that fooled, lol.  However it does make for a fun event to scrapbook!  Have a wonderful Sunday and happy April!
As seen in special issue of Creating Keepsakes magazine: Scrapbooking Holidays & Celebration. Copyright Creative Crafts Group. Posted with prior permission from the publisher.