Friday, April 29, 2011

This Lackluster Spring

The weather has affected my mood so much lately. We are at the end of April, and a string of cold and rainy days is very morale dampening... I am still waiting for our tulips to grow taller. This year, they will for sure be May flowers!

With May around the corner, the graduation season will be upon us as well.  I made this card for a graduate this year.  The sentiments on the Studio Calico star are SRM stickers.

Today my last project went up on the October Afternoon's blog.  So it would seem my apple picking layouts want to catch up to my strawberry picking ones, lol...

Lastly, here is a layout using the Sweet Peach's anniversary kit.  It's so amazing to see wildlife in the Yellowstone National Park.  He was such a breathtaking specimen!  The little green dots are created using the paint dauber from Jenni Bowlin's acrylic paint bottles.  The pompoms come from some MME trim. I just cut of the fuzzy things to accent the green dots :)

The weekend is a work day away :)  First Born's school has the annual International Festival.  Second Child has her annual dance recital this Sunday and that costume is really quite adorable, lol.  Well, I can't wait for everything!  And oh, who DVR'ed the wedding and will be watching tonight? Moi! lol.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrate the Little People

This past weekend, we celebrated the little people in our family.  She's really not that little any more, but she has agreed to being my baby.  As recent as a couple of months ago, whenever I called her "my baby," she would protest so loudly, "不, 我不是baby!"  Somehow she has had a change of heart and now concedes to being my baby and would even raise her hand if I asked for my baby.

I took these photos to get the Shimmerz Coloringz'ed t-shirt she's wearing.  I wasn't even trying to get her in the pictures but these end up being some of my favorite photos of her.  This layout was done using the 5&Dime collection by October Afternoon, and indeed, Bruno Mars would be so proud, lol.  Speaking of him, I believe he is scheduled to perform at the American Idol results show this week! I am looking forward to seeing that!
This is my second layout using lyrics and I am relieved that it turned out the way I was hoping that it would!  I used lots of 3-d foam adhesives from Helmar to break up the monotony of the letter stickers.  I think it worked.

Seriously, on that day, her hair indeed fell so perfectly without anyone trying.  Normally, it's a struggle of power between us.  I want to comb the tangled mess before dreadlocks form and she screams the entire time I'm combing.  There's no Bruno Mars love during those moments, just a whole lot of cacophony of yelling, screaming, crying, and more yelling.
This second layout I did as the guest designer for Crate Paper last month.  Emma's Shoppe is just beautiful beyond description, sigh...  I tried to use a lot of various elements from the collection, the chipboards, the layered chipboard, the eclectic button, stickers, border stickers. My gosh, layering is indeed fun!  And at the end of it all, it is all about her, my beautiful "baby."

I hope you all had a lovely and relaxing Easter weekend!  Now happy happy Monday to you all! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sweetly Smitten

I've had the privilege of participating in the Sweet Peach Crop Shop's Anniversary fun.  I worked with its anniversary kit you see here.  It's not the first time that I have gushed over these adorable kits and this won't be the last either!  Just this past weekend I opened up the November 2010 kit again and was reminded just how much I adore these kits as a customer!
My kids are so used to being asked to pose that they now pose without being asked.  I imagine that habit will go away and I will get angry NO's whenever I pull out my camera.  For now, thank you Super Model!
This is a little banner using the Studio Calico Countryside tags.  I had only two so I cut one out of Cosmo Cricket's paper as well.  I sewed the tags onto the layout.  I think I like that look.  Again, if only I can outsource sewing to my parents when they come back, lol.
Here is a layout about me and my current exercising routine.  When you write it down like that, it looks truly pathetic!  The routine has been changed up already as our schedules evolve around First Born's swimming practices.  Tuesday she started the "Strokes and Turns" class for competitive swimming.  I was far from impressed with the instruction mostly because I really did not see much of any...  You would think that I would have thousands of pages of her swimming and her meets, but I hardly have any photos!  Maybe this summer when the swimming is outdoors, I can take a few decent photos.  After all, I might need a new obsessive scrapbooking topic besides strawberries... 

I skipped out on my Wednesday's cardio, for now I'm going to blame the snow we got yesterday.  I should be running outside by this time in April, but it's still too cold.  Can I also blame the snow for the cookie eating?? I think I will blame DH for making them, oh well... lol.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Get This Delivered to Your Front Porch

Would you just look at this gorgeous kit from Front Porch Kits?!  Who is in the mood to garden after seeing this glorious photo? You can still get this kit here.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of projects from me using this amazing kit. I have one more project planned for "Polly Pocket," the white pail you see in the photo. 

I guess it is possible to be tired of scrapping a particular subject matter as I feel a little weary right now, lol. The next strawberry season is only two months away and I know I will take just as many photos as last year, and the year before, and the year before the year before...  Jay asked me how many strawberry layouts I have done so far, in my head, I counted to 14 and several of them are 2-pagers!  oy vey...  so here is... another one... lol...

Here are a couple of close-ups.  I used the Maya Road chipboard to form the basis of my journaling. I like that quite a bit as I have found myself doing it on several projects.

Oh a real ruffled fabric edge on this layout from me :)  I don't think I'm all that adept with using fabrics, that's way too crafty for me!  I have tried to outsource this type of work to my parents, but alas, my requests were always met with disdain and rejection, lol.

Here is a spring card using this beautiful kit. To think I made this with snow on the ground outside, lol. These butterflies are diecut and included in the kit, fun stuff eh?

Well, that's about it for now and again, you can find this kit here!!  Thanks for visiting and have a good one wherever you are.  Me, I'm off to Body Pump :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Do Nickel and Dime Me

I am having a fun month guest designing for October Afternoon.  Seriously, I had to do it, this layout, the collection is named 5&Dime for nickel's sake!  Oh yeah, I think I'm hilarious, so did all the people who suggested that we name our daughters "Penny" "Wooden" or "Buffalo." LOL.

That chipboard "&" comes from "Miscellany," which I adore!!  There are so may fun elements in there, such as vintage buttons, flashcards, chipboards, ribbon...

That's us, two nickels make a dime, lol. 

These cards are posted today on the OA blog.  The little banners were practically ready made from the sticker elements sheet. 

I put a little Helmar zapdots behind the letters to permanently flipped them out :)

Here is a card for a summer wedding this year.  The bride had selected this particular royal blue color for her wedding, so it's just perfect.

One last close-up :)

That's it from me today. Let's get the weekend started!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Body Pump

I began going to the Body Pump classes at the YMCA last fall and I confess that I'm completely addicted.  For starters, my thighs have never been huger.  Jay was the first to notice, as apparently my muscles were bulging out of my jeans.  He also points out that this class is not designed to help me lose the donut around my waist, and at this point, I'm okay with that.  The class is 60 minutes of pain followed by a day if not two of soreness.  Yet I eagerly look forward to it with a healthy dose of dread :) 

Body Pump also hooks me up with the latest and greatest music!  Sure I listen to my 15 minutes of music on my way to and front work if I'm not listening to sports radio, but I'm pretty sheltered from trendy things that can't be bought at a scrapbooking store.  But now you can catch me listening to Usher, OMG, I say More!  lol. 

One last layout using the 3 Scrappy Boys' April trio kit.  It started out as an attempt to use up some leftover paper scraps and turned into my favorite one of the three.  I particularly like the sticker border I created, layering again, my version of course :)  Try as I may, I just can't get crazy enough with layering like certain other people... and don't think I don't tell her that she wastes products ;)

More Helmar zapdots popping up the elements here and there.  Oh my younger self would so not approve of these bulks! 
I punched out this Q from the Studio Calico Paper "Step Right Up" I'm very proud of this actually... she is a Golden Pig, while that was unintentional, it was, however, intentional that her middle name's initial has a little piggie tail :)  If you are racking your brain trying to come up with a name that starts with Q, rest assured that it is not Quimby, it's a phonetic concoction of her Chinese name. 

Before I head out to Body Pump, sneak peeks have begun for the next Front Porch Kits...  Now off I go...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mother of the Flower Girls

This summer, my kids will be flower girls in Sarah and Chris' wedding.  Sarah and her sister were flower girls at my wedding ages ago, so it will come full circle! The kids are so excited about this opportunity! In fact, long before Sarah called them to duty, First Born was drawing herself into the wedding scene and I had to temper her high hopes by throwing away that drawing. This weekend we went dress shopping for the Flower Girls...  Here's to hoping that they don't grow too much between now and the wedding this summer, lol!

The other development is that I am going to host a bridal shower for Sarah!  I've never hosted an official shower before so this will be quite a challenge.  I'm thinking of making the invitations myself, oy vey, I really need to figure out a design that won't be too exhausting.  You know the most interesting thing of it all... even though I have an Everest pile of supplies, to produce 20 identical invitations... I might have to get some duplicates! What a strange thought that is!  I'm also thinking a banner, cards for prizes, a mini-album for the bride, etc etc.  I got my work cut out for me!  Oh yeah, there's cake and food, but that's easy, the immigrant workers my parents will be back, and they will be in charge of that, lol. 

Now onto scrappy stuff... here is a layout I did using 3 Scrappy Boys April Trio kit. I love these bright colors together and DH is indeed certifiably yummy **big grin**  Seriously, the kids get their good looks from him.  Too bad they couldn't get his blue eyes, lol.

Once upon a time, you wouldn't catch me dead layering like I do today!  It's wasteful!  Now, I can't use enough Helmar Zapdots to prop everything up so I can add just one more layer.  Even so, it might not look like a lot of layers to you, but it is to me!  I love Studio Calico's stickers, their colors are so vivacious!  I also adored these Maya Road half circle chipboards. I wish I have more of those, I can think of so many things to do with them!
Yep, a heart on J :) my Mr. Right, who is all too patient with my incessant and obsessive scrapbooking. 
That's it to wrap up this weekend.  Tomorrow is back to the trenches, after all, supplies have to be earned, one way or another!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Color Room Palette 53

It's Friday, yay, and I have another project on the October Afternoon blog.
Meanwhile, a new color palette by the Color Room was released and here is my take on palette 53.  This palette was really challenging upon first look.  Then I reminded myself that I can focus on just a couple of colors and use the rest sparingly.  That made this layout come together rather quickly.  I used a frame from Laina Lamb's DigiKit - Favorite Frames to cut the top note shape out of the MME papers.
Who knew picking apple would be such hard work?  Second Child used all of her strength to pull down on the apple. The whole tree shook mightily upon releasing the apple...
Now onto the most exciting part about this layout, I am really stoked about these flowers...  They are cut using Laina Lamb's Rolled Flowers digi-kit. I will try to contain my enthusiasm but they are ama-freaking-zing!  Seriously, they are unbelievable.  You cut the flowers and you roll them up and they look so so so good!  They are a little on the bulky side of things so I loosened up the roll a bit and tried to flatten them out as much as I can. Seriously, if this flat woman can handle it, so can you! I added the little primas next to them, oh for cute, lol...
That is for this Friday morning, a few more hours and then it's the weekend!  woo + hoo !

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work in Progress March Projects

It's finally time to share my projects using the March kit from Work in Progress kits!  This kit is full of Echo Park Playground goodies that I absolutely adore!  The colors are bright and cheerful, just the way I like them :) 

The first layout I did with this kit was a 2-pager.  I admit it, this took me an entire weekend.  I don't understand why 2-pagers take me more than twice as much time as two single page layouts, but they do right now...  I think the lack of practice is a major factor.

I take very few pictures in the winter.  For one thing, there is not enough light indoors, and it's too cold to go outside for photos. These were taken from my second story window of her playing in the backyard.  The crazy girl was burying herself in the snow!
I hand-drew this swirly line across the two pages and then stitched using floss that matched DD's coat.  I thought this really tied the two pages together nicely.  The idea came to me when I thought I was done with the layout already :)

So this is my 2-pager, please stop by WIP blog and read the little blogpost I wrote on 2-page layouts and a few scrappers who inspire and amaze me with their 2-pagers!
Next layout... Holy buckets, this is quite the sudden change from sub-zero temperatures and snow in the backyard to slipping and sliding in the backyard, no?  But that's how versatile this kit is!  I just HAD to use those Cosmo Cricket water drops, so I decided the most appropriate photos to go with them were her on the new water slide. 

Lastly, a 'thank you' card using the March kit.  Hopefully, it has found its way to the Color Room blog hop winner Patty Folchert :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

If You Love to Eat Korean Food, Clap Your Hands

This month, I have the privilege of guest designing for 3 Scrappy Boys using its Trio kit.  It is a delightful mixture of Studio Calico, Echo Park, and JBS papers and a big pile of fun embellishments.  I think I really love the primary colors in the kit and the layouts seem to flow forth so effortlessly.

I had the rare opportunity to eat at a Korean restaurant and with Lucy Edson during my visit to L.A. for CHA.  I finally had the photo to scrap a page that is "about me" if you will.  For those who might be concerned, the food was about to be cooked at our table, hence the raw meat.  Believe me, I was way too busy eating once the stuff was cooked to take pictures! lol.

I used the Pagoda cartridge to cut out this bowl and chopsticks.  The little red strips are Studio Calico stickers that I halfed to make them even thinner.  I approve the Asian elegance in my color choices *grin*
These letters are cut from a sheet of Studio Calico paper "Step Right Up." I adhered them with Helmar 450 Quick Dry adhesive to some Bazzill naked chipboard pieces and then trimmed and sanded them down.  It's like getting a full set of alphabet in one sheet of patterned paper, love that!

I also want to share a couple of videos I have done recently. I make some fabric flowers after stiffening up the fabric using Helmar's Fabric Stiffener & Draping Liquid.  It is a little messy but the results are very worth it!  You can see the fabric flower on this layout.  

In this video for Shimmerz, I use my favorite Coloringz colors to make a sunburst paper imitating one from Sassafras.  It's a little long, but I think you would get the idea quickly after just a couple of minutes :) 

That wraps it up for today from me.  Monday is just one sleep away... where did the weekend go? sigh...

Friday, April 1, 2011

No Fooling!

I first want to thank everyone for your heartwarming comments on my last post.  I appreciate you so much!

The Color Room has turned one year old! To celebrate, we have a special guest designer, Sharon Laakkonen from Prima Marketing!  Speaking of Prima, it is also the Color Room's April sponsor!  Join us and try out a palette or two in April to be eligible to win a prize from Prima!  So come on over and check us out!!


Speaking of guest designing... there's no need to nickel and dime...