Friday, January 14, 2011

A small and a BIG giveaways

This week has been quite exhausting for me at work.  That means I have little mental energy left when I get home so the blog has been on the backburner.  However, this post should be relatively straightforward. I have finally received my copies of Create: Holidays 2010. Though it is not the holidays any more, it should be great timing to inspire you to scrap those holiday photos!  To be entered for this giveaway, please leave me a comment on this post, just an "hi" would do :) 

Now that was my small giveaway... meanwhile...

Karen Foster Design will be kicking off a week of sneak peeks starting on Monday. Be sure to stop back here to see some of the new collections being released at the upcoming CHA show and to enter the drawing to win one of four FABULOUS prizes! Each prize has a value of over $350 and is jam packed with goodies... check it out!

Here is a list of what is included in each of the four prize packages:

- FOUR brand new themed collections being debuted at CHA Winter 2011 (with all of the corresponding papers, stickers, and embellishments)
- FIVE of the themed collections released in October 2010 (including all of the papers and stickers)
- ONE High Society Paper Craft Stack with 84 sheets of coordinating black and white patterned papers (retail value $19.99)
- ONE 3-D Peek A Box (retail value $29.99)
- ONE Countdown Calendar (retail value $19.99)
- FOUR Assorted Pocket Notepads from our Stationery Collection (retail value $19.96)
- ONE Holiday Bottle It Up Kit
- ONE Harvest Bottle It Up Kit
- ONE Holiday Make N Tag Kit (retail value $15.99)
- TWO assorted Scrapper's Spools
- TWO assorted Tubes of Crazy Coil Brads
- THREE assorted Sports Themed Lil' Stacks
- TEN brand new Summer Themed Lil' Stacks
- ONE brand new Trinket Vintage Button Brads
- ONE brand new Flying THIN-ments Decorative Metal Brads
- ONE brand new Buds THIN-ments Decorative Metal Brads
- ONE brand new Bubbles Fancy Frame
- FIVE brand new Sports Themed Clear Stamp Sets (retail value $29.95)
- ONE Cancer Survivor Clear Stamp Set
- SIX packages of Swirl Burst Brads (one package of each color - retail value $29.94)
- ONE package of Metal Loopy Brads
- TWELVE packages of Birthstone Brads (one package for each month)
- ONE package of Black & White Bradlines
- ONE package of Screw Brads
- ONE package of Mini Screw Brads
- ONE package of Bloomin' Charms

for a total retail value of well over $350!

So... leave a comment here to win the Idea book, and check back on Monday next week for the Karen Foster Design giveaway!


Denise said...

Is the cover of the holidays yours? It's such a beautiful card.

Sue said...

Great giveaway. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)

Margie said...

Great giveaways! Can't wait for the sneak peeks!

madzikowy said...

Your cards And scraps are amazing :)

Jocelyn said...

Wow....what great goodies!!!!

Wishing you a Fabby Friday!!!

Debbie said...

Perfect timing....I took tons and tons of photos this season. Thank you.

Carola/Schokofee said...

Uuuuuuuh - how wonderful!!!
I love all your creations!!!

Larajc said...

I know what you mean about being mentally exhausted. I have a week off next week and looking forward to it like you cannot imagine! HUGS to you! Great giveaway!

Gaspegirl said...

Wow, those are some rockin giveaways... looks just like the kinda giveaway that would relaunch my scrapbooking passion. I started scrapbooking again since I have moved and created a new space but it has been a while since I was scrapping on a regular basis.

Hope that you are well! Make it a great day!

Chantal said...

Awesome giveaways!!! Just thinking about winning is awesome! Loved reading about the prize... I'll dream about that tonight! lol! :D

sillypea said...

I could definitely use some Christmas page inspiration! Thanks! And I'll definitely be back Monday to see what's up with KF!

Emma said...

Would love to be entered please! Thanks so much :)

Sarabeth said...

hi :0)
thanks for sharing this!


Nathalie said...

Bonjour Jing-Jing!!! Tu nous gâtes dis donc avec tous ces cadeaux!!! J'espère que ta journée sera un peu plus relaxante aujourd'hui! C'est le weekend!!! :D

Colette Bate said...

Hey, Cover Girl! I'm just positive I'm going to be the big winner of the Create: Holidays! My only question is ... would you please, please, please AUTOGRAPH it before you send it my way?!!! xoxoxo

Barbara said...

I love coming to your blog for inspiration, everything is always so adorable!

teacher jessy said...

Whoa!! That is such a HUGE giveaway!! Crossing my fingers... LOL!! Would love to have a copy of "you" on the cover *wink*

Janetcraft said...

Oh hi my lady! wow great giveaway and you are such a generous person! Cant wait to 'pick' me up!

Lesley said...

What lovely giveaways you have

Thank you


liana suwandi said...

Wow... great giveaway JJ, hey... sorry been a while haven't check out your blog, hope you doing well :)

Jessica said...

Great giveaways! I love anything that inspires me to scrap all of my
Christmas photos!

Alice Wertz said...

hope work won't be as stressful next week! have a sweet and relaxed weekend! =)

Rhonda Merry said...

Hi there for the small giveaway.
I hope you have a great weekend to make up for the hard week.

Melanie said...

Just wanted to say "HI" but you don't need to enter me into the drawing since I have the Holiday CREATE book, too :)

Hope you have Monday off so you can relax after such a stressful week.

craftymom205 said...

Love your blog. Just wanted to say hi.

deana said...

Ok, so ONE week to the day after you received your copy (but who's counting, besides me?) I finally received my issue. And who's page did I recognize right away in the front of the magazine without even seeing the credits b/c I recognized your adorable daughter & those darn stamps you keep reminding me to buy???!!! YOU! And could that page BE any CUTER???!!!

Congrats! You rock, my friend! Glad to be there with you this month!

alexandra s.m. said...

Oh oui ce numéro a l'air si beau!
Me! Me!
Moi! Moi!

jamie said...

Hey girl...
I finally opened up my latest CK mag...and I see this great artsy layout by the table of contents. I read further in the mag...and guess who is the creator of that fun, fun layout....YOU silly! I was so proud to see your name there. It is a very fun piece. Just wanted to let you know that.
(Don't enter me in your giveaway...I just wanted to compliment your publication.)

Belinda said...

You're in CK? Awesome! I'll have to check it out at B&N since I don't sub. Anyhoo, relax and take care of yourself! Hope you have a fab weekend!

Denise said...

The book looks fabulous... always packed with great ideas! Thanks for a chance to win a copy! Congrats on the publication!

Monique said...

Love both give-aways! Thanks! Hope you have time to relax this weekend!!

Virginia L. said...

Say no more! I'm IN :) for the draw--big or small! Hope you are having easier time next week! I am bracing myself, too, for wroking at hubby's office--ggggrrr!

Melissa said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us by offering the give away your work is beautiful

Pearl said...

Aaaa happy giveaway ! yayyy !!!!!!!!

p/s : Spore has a gazillion eating places , in many cosy nook & corners , some more posh than others - you will have a tonne of choice when you're here ! lol

annc999 said...

It must be nice to be so creative. Nice work!