Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sugar Is Sweet...

This color combo really was so good for these photos. This layout came together so quickly once I decided to go Kraft.  Any layout that uses buttons makes me smile :)  I don't like the time it takes to sew though, but I always like the end result.  These Sassafras big letter stickers are just so so great, I'm almost out of them, sigh... And for those who aren't in perpetual love with the Sassafras Monstrosity line, these are Monstrosity letters! LOL. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

I Can See Clearly...

The Olympics is nearing its end. Figure skating is behind us. Life will be back to normal, whatever that was!

Check it out, I made a wall hanging! It was a bit unexpected but it came out a'ight. I haven't quite decided where I want to hang this thing. With clear acrylic, I almost feel like I should hang it on a window or something.  When I started this using the double-sided Lily Bee paper, I was feeling ambitious and planned to make it two sided, well, lol, let's just say that did not happen, lol.

Maybe I'll have more to say once I stop yawning, until then, how about if you check out the SRM Sticker blog that is just full of fantastic and adorable ideas? 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympics Stupor...

What happened??  I had no plans to watch the Olympics but there they were, the games in my face.  One more late night till 11pm, I might just keel over dead!  Nothing was more thrilling than watching Evan finding out that he had won gold, and I went to bed thinking that it was so worth staying up late...  I felt differently the morning after though. Yes, I do have DVR, and yes, it is recording as I watch it!  I guess that's the lure of the Olympics, no?  And the winter Olympics is even more fascinating than the summer ones.  While I cannot run like Usain Bolt (no one else in the world could, mind you), at least I have run before.  I have never attempted anything that is in the winter Olympics.  And putting on a pair of skates and sitting on the bench for an hour does not count.

Ah, I completed this layout two weeks ago for the Imaginisce sketch challenge.  Once in a big while, I make a layout that I truly love and am proud of, this one falls into that category.  I do credit the beautiful Imaginsce Perfectly Posh line, as it is so so so much my style (well, minus the poodle, lol).  I do do do love this layout. I found the blue cardstock that matched the background patterned paper as closely as possible and I think it works really well instead of a contrasting color here. 

I thought about not posting this layout, but the lure of possibly winning more Imaginisce goodies is too tempting. I was the lucky 14th commenter on Sarah's blog a while ago, and just received in the mail the entire collection of Polar Expressions. I look forward to making some Christmas projects with this delightful line!

Check out my not-so-great machine stitching. I think it adds to my layout, uh, je ne sais quoi!  LOL.  En fait, je le sais!!  La charme rustique! LOL!

Also, announcing the grand opening of the SRM Stickers' online store!! Isn't that exciting?!  Check it out and get yourself some sticky wonders!! The new DT is cranking out amazing projects one after another. I look forward to showing you what I have done with the piles of stickers I've received :)

All right, back to, you know, the Olympics!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Celebrate CK

I began subscribing to Creating Keepsakes magazine in 2002.  I have discovered many things, people, and places through reading CK.  In the early days, there was one sheet of paper that caught my eyes, a pink sheet of paper with weather related pattern.  I read the credits and found out that it was from Club Scrap. I so loved that sheet of paper that I signed up with Club Scrap for six months.  The first time I saw a 97% Complete sticker from 7Gypsies advertised was also in CK magazine.  That started a long and enduring love affair between me and 7Gypsies that is still going strong. I remember reading about the upcoming new young talent, her name was Heidi Swapp.  I dutifully read the Store directories, looking for LSS to visit. I happened upon this little website whose logo is a bucket with 2 green peasBecky Higgins was my hero and I bought all of her sketch books. You will find many layouts in my early books that look identical to her sketches. Each year, there will be a list of people inducted into CK HOF, so talented, so wonderful, so amazing were their layouts.  So many pages were bookmarked, so many layouts scraplifted. When I renewed my subscription for 3 years in 2006, my husband was astonished enough to comment. I told him that I would have renewed forever if that option existed. 

never... did... i... think... i... could... be... in... C... K...

but, it did happen, and in such an amazing fashion...

now... this...  so... so... so... special to me.

Unbelievable, isn't it?  Me! A ribbon technique! A ribbon technique! Seriously, how often do I use ribbons??  I have techniques?? LOL.  I expected an article with a gallery full of layouts using all kinds of ribbons, and had no idea till I received my Feb 2010 copy that I would be the Reader Spotlight: nearly a full page devoted to, gulp, moi...  I am so so so grateful and appreciative. I have long been a subscriber and fan of Creating Keepsakes, long long long before I submitted my first page, and I will be subbing long long long after CK publishes my last page. 

Celebrate! along with the mysterious letter "o" that is covering my journaling! LOL!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Layout and an Announcement

This week at the CCG, the color combo challenge was by none other than the uber talented Steph Caskey-Devlin. It was one wild crazy color combo that I utterly adored. But oops, I didn't do purple, it didn't look purple to me on my computer screen, oops!! Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful combo and went to town with it on this layout.
It feels wonderful to bust out chipboards in my stash. I really loved and still love my Fancy Pants chipboard collection. It's nice to use them. And no, this layout is just for fun, no big story, no moving journaling, just a loved photo, a color combo, and product usage!
I am also very pleased to share that I have joined the SRM stickers design team. Read about the announcement here. I will be joining a team of seriously amazing designers, including Deana! I am very excited and can't wait to get started with the projects and indulge my love of stickers!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More Cosmo Sketch

I am seriously enjoying working through my GIANORMOUS Cosmo Cricket stash! Thanks to yet another wonderful sketch and challenge, I got this one done today. I can only hope that my new Cosmo order gets shipped soon. Seriously, I see the stuff everywhere now, where's mine?! lol.

I caught the awful bug the kids had. Ibuprofen is my best friend right now. DH came home with this beautiful bunch after grocery shopping (which he does every week, I cannot be bothered, lol). I put on this bright colored vest so that I can blame my Rudolph like nose on the reflection, lol.
Tomorrow is the Year of the Tiger. All my tigerish wishes and blessings to you!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pink Me Baby!

What am I doing updating my blog at 2 in the afternoon? Sick child, that's why... We knew something was definitely up after she held her ear through supper and then informed us that she wanted a band aid for her ear.

Being home with a sick child isn't all bad, look, I can photograph my layout!! Pink Paislee is having a sketch contest. If you haven't entered, there is plenty of time till March 15! This is my take on the sketch and other than the marker and the ink, everything here is Pink Paislee. I even stamped on my layout, gaaaasp... This particular line was from 2008, and where I come from, this is called effective stash reduction! LOL.

I was going to do some hand-stitching around the circle, but I am too lazy, so I hand drew a circle using the black pen. I also "boxed" up my journaling, now that's a "technique" I'll be trying again soon, I like that look very much.

Soon I'm heading out to pick up prescription and then M's, those 60% off coupons are burning holes through my pockets!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love... Cards Magazine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, allow me to share a card that was published in the September 09 issue of the Cards magazine.

I really was so lucky to get into this glorious publication. I appreciate it so much more now that I've tried my hardest submitting every month and getting nowhere, lol.
Now onto the new tools front!!! Check out the new laminator that is now available at Joann's from Purple Cows!! I am pretty excited about it, for more details, read all about it here.
Lastly, Graphic 45 is having a new DT call! Don't miss it!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Another Cosmo Sketch

Cosmo Cricket has another sketch and of course, I must try it again. My BFF layout made onto the Cosmo blog. CHECK, one goal for 2010 accomplished, seriously. So here is my take on the current Cosmo sketch and I think this layout is a bit too busy, but you know my mantra, moving on...

The way I planned to do the journaling in my head looked a lot better than how it actually turned out. I suppose I could have done all little letter stickers instead of handwriting the journaling. That would have been so so time consuming!! I'm too lazy for that, LOL.

Snow is coming to us too, enough to mess with Monday morning commute is the word on the airwaves, oh well, you know that line by Shelley, "if winter is here, can spring be far behind?" UH, YES!

Friday, February 5, 2010


She said "我写几笔, 你猜猜是什么字!" (I will draw a few strokes, and you guess the character.) I seriously laughed out loud because I figured it wouldn't be hard to guess one of the three characters she knew how to write in Chinese. But I was wrong, she knew six, LOL. AND I couldn't guess the character after just a few random strokes.

I entered this layout into the Creative Imaginations' sketch contest. I really love everything that is CI Narratives by Karen Russell and the Creative Cafe! Who else has CI rubons booklets by the dozen? LOL.

Monday, February 1, 2010


This layout was for Color Combos Galore 141 based on pencilines sketch 168. I really love this color combo. And it's amazing what goodness I can find in my stash to match the combo, lol. It's a wonderful feeling when precious and treasured stash come together and sing, lol.

We had parent-teacher conference tonight and her teacher's focus in her master's degree program is in writing, which explains why First Born writes so much at home. Gosh, I journaled something that I observed about her and I was right! Imagine that! LOL!