Friday, October 8, 2010

October Midnight Rooster Give-away

Please click here for the SRM Stickers Halloween Blog Hop, but come back for the Midnight Rooster mini-kit giveaway!

It's almost time for the Midnight Rooster's October kit reveal. This means a layout and a mini-kit give-away time!  First up is a layout I did using the kit.  This is Second Child peeling an onion.  I have no earthly idea why she wanted to peel that thing, but I snapped a few photos :)

That flower comes as it is in the kit!  Midnight Rooster's handmade items are really out of this world!! 

I used a Pure Innocence set from My Favorite Things for the sentiment "You make my life sweet."  And check out that flower, and the custom pin on that flower.  I know you want them!!

Now here is what you can win by answering the question below.  Check out the content of the mini-kit first!!  Perhaps the winner and I can split this gorgeousness? LOL. 
Mini-kit content:
Jillibean Soup - Egg Drop Soup, egg yolk
Pink Paislee - Imagine
American Crafts - Letterbox
American Crafts - Botanique
Purple Onion Stamp
Maya Road - brown ric rac ribbon
American Crafts - Brown Alphabets
Milk Caps
Chiffon Flower - handmade

To qualify for this giveaway on my blog, you have to answer this question from the Bozzlady of Midnight Rooster: "What is your favorite meal to make in the crockpot?" You must be willing to share your recipe because she's gonna want it!  lol.

That's it from me, have a great weekend!!


deana said...

Well, I do have some crockpot favs, but I'm too lazy to walk upstairs right now & find out what they are. I think one of them is Chicken Cacciatore. But let's be honest here... my fav thing is avoiding the crockpot & attempting to get Bob to bring home carry-out. ;-)

The LO is GORGEOUS. Loving the scattered peeled onion pieces. Your work ALWAYS makes me smile!

Enjoy your weekend, JJ! :-)

Virginia L. said...

FUN layout and details!! We just had crock pot dinner lat night ( Love it as I can just dump the stuff in and forget about it for hours and voila!). My favorite is Oxtails soup. It takes HOURS to cook, but it's worth "the effort"!

Sue said...

cute layout, Jing-Jing. Especially that border on the top. Love that!

Tanya Tahir said...

What a sweet sweet page! So gorgeous! My fave recipe to make in the crockpot is lasagne! YUMMY!!!

Pearl said...

bwahaha ! what a great shot of 2nd child with a lovely looking onion ! lol

Hmmm I don't do crockpot meals no more but we certainly loved mac & cheese in it ! lol !

Chantal said...

This is so awesome! Love it!!! I love Chicken Cacciatore! Yummy! :D

Larajc said...

My favorite is a roast with potatoes, onions and carrots...perfect for a fall day!

Jocelyn said...

How adorable is this!!! My favorite recipe is Garlic Roasted Chicken!!!

Have a great weekend!

Debbie said...

Super cute layout! Smart of you to snap those pictures! My favorite crock pot recipe is super simple and delicious! Put some chicken in the crock pot, add a can of stewed tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Let it cook away! Serve over rice. You can substitute the chicken for some pork chops! Oh so yummy!

Dawn said...

hmmm my fave crock pot recipe would def. have to be for fiesta chicken! i've posted the link below - enjoy, its delicious!! :D

Jackie said...

my absolutely favorite crock pot meal is chicken cacciatore! it seems that everyone has the same basic recipe with their own "secret ingredient" thrown in to "make it their own"!

Patricia Folchert said...

Love the layout and cards! My fave crockpot recipe would be Hot Crab Dip, it's an appetizer and it is so yummy.

just jennifer said...

I have a lasagne recipe that a friend gave me - it's easy and YUMMY!

Beautiful layout!

Aubree said...

Cute Cute layout! Only you would have your camera handy to snap shots of dd peeling an onion!! :)

Crock Pot fave -- Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots, etc. Nothing like getting a whole meal with only one dish to clean at the end!!

Barb P said...

Jing-Jing, you have the absolute best layout ideas! Love that one of middle child peeling the onion. And that flower is truly fantastic.

My favorite crock pot meal is an Italian beef recipe that a former sister in law gave me more than 30 years ago (and I was so surprised she shared it - this was one of her "specialties") It is soooo good and so easy to do. I even make it for Thanksgiving sometimes, right along with the traditional turkey and trimmings.

Jennifer Larson said...

That is so terrific! I like crock-pot mac and cheese.

Alice Wertz said...

such a fun and sweet layout! i do love those handmade embellishments! hummm... i'll never qualify for this giveaway then. hubby is the chef in this house hold. LOL! his beef stew in the crock pot is perfect for a cold winter day! =)

Jill said...

Gotta go w/ pulled pork sandwiches!

Thanks for the chance at the giveaway (pick me, pick me!), and I adore your work. Thanks for sharing!!!


Nitasha said...

hmmm....beef stew is my fav crock pot meal, but technically I've never made it sweet mom always makes it for me!

Julie said...

girl you page is way tooooo cute!!! and that is an adorable mini!

this week i made beef barley stew in my crockie. i like chicken fiesta chilli too! email me i'll send you recipes!

EverydayMe said...

wow... crock pot... just tried this from my sister... it's a crock pot strada.... it's an egg breakfast dish... and it's the bomb.... so wonderful to get up in the morning and breakfast is done... got love that and how can you not have a wonderful day with a nice hot breakfast....

you lo... is lovely... the onion peal is so sweet...

thanks for the chance... Michelle

Jennybean said...

My favorite recipe right now is Cajun Potroast from Gooseberry Patch's crockpot cookbook - I'm trying to cook my way through it right now!

Alison said...

What a pretty layout.Love your style.
I like to use my crockpot for all kinds of soups, especially on a busy day.

Alison said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely LO.
My favorite crockpot recipes are soups. Perfect for busy, cold days.

Alison said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely LO.
My favorite crockpot recipes are soups. Perfect for busy, cold days.

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Fun fun fun layout!!!

Here is my recipe! It's Lamb Shank Stew - one we made up on our ranch!

1 pack * Lamb Shanks
3 potatoes - peeled & cubed
1 med. onion - chopped
5 cloves of garlic - peeled
1 & 1/3 tb fresh Cilantro
1 8 oz. can Yellow El Pato
3 small tomatoes cubed
2 stalks celery - sliced
2 carrots—sliced
4 oz sliced mushrooms
1/2 Teaspoon salt
1 tb red wine vinegar
2 tb olive oil
3/4 tsp Italian seasoning

Braise shanks. Put all ingredients into slow cooker or pot and simmer for 3 hrs. For the fall festival we cut the meat off the bone, and put both into the pot. At home we put the entire shank, cracked, into the pot. Goes great with red wine and quesadillas made with corn tortillas, mozzarella cheese and lots of garlic! A great meal on a cold, gray day!

alexandra s.m. said...

So sweet!
et quel amour de petite fille <3

Anne Hall said...

Thank you for the chance to win. Your layout looks fabulous, I really like the looped border on top. I can't wait to see the full kit. My favorite recipe for the crock pot is loaded potato soup.

pickmepam said...

well, the best thing is kielbasa with saurkraut. yum.

mtscrapgal said...

I like to make vegatable-beef soup in the crock pot. Cute layout-your DD is precious. Thanks

Vanessa said...

I love to make chili in the crock-pot, I have no recipe, just kind of throw things in there, it's different every time : ) I recently made this which would have been even better from a crock pot!

Janine Rachau said...

Really cute layout!! :) Love how you made such a fitting embellishment....perfect.

Chicken and corn chowder is probably my favorite crockpot recipe. But, if I have to find it, it'll be a chore. ;)

Lydia said...

I am not a crock pot kinda gal, but I have made some pretty tasty roasts in there.

Great layout Jing-Jing, I just love that CC paper!!

rkokes said...

chili-hamburger, Bush's chili beans, low-sodium tomato soup, chili powder, and 4 different kinds of cajun seasoning. YUM!

Chloe :-) said...

Wow, that flower is awesome!!! My fav meal in the crock pot is apricot chicken :-)

Denise said...

Great lo! The kit looks fab!
My fave is a beef stew recipe. Very hearty meal for the fall season.

teacher jessy said...

I love beef stew in my crockpot... the aroma, the taste, the sweetness you get from the veggie... mammamia!! LOL.

Another lovely layout by you and I always enjoy looking at them :)

angie gutshall said...

My favorite CP meal is Pork Chops in Cream od Mushroom soup. I love how the pork chops fall apart. I also love that mini kit!! I love your cute layout!

Jessica said...

Wow great layout! So fun! My favorite is plain old pot roast! It's so easy this way! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

ruth said...

Super cute layout! You went and did it. NOW I "need" another border cute!

My fav recipe for the crockpot is Chicken Taco Chili....yum!

Belinda said...

Ok, can I say I love my little crock pot now that i'm a working woman? Means I can have a meal when I'm home without worries... I like doing a chicken taco thingy (frozen chicken, salsa and corn, then shred chicken). Um, I also like making red bean/mung bean soup with the crock pot. :D Yum!

Ok, cute layout! :) That flower pin thing is so cute!