Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please Vote for Me

I am excited to share that I have made the top three videos in the "Flip for Helmar" video contest!  I blogged about this contest and my entry a couple of months ago.  Now I am in the top three and covet your votes!  You can vote once a day until September 9th, thank you so much!!

Click here to vote for Jing-Jing Nickel, that'd be me, a.k.a. BabyBokChoy :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Somebunny's Bunny

That title is a bit sickening, lol... First there's the endless number of strawberry layouts, now, we are moving onto bunny layouts. That's right folks, that's a bunny she's holding. We have a small yard, but thanks to our vegetable gardens, a Mama Bunny has decided to nest in our yard. Every summer, in the same bunny hole, is a nest of baby bunnies... DH tried to plant baby bok choys without a fence, well, apparently Mama Bunny needed nourishment to feed her young ones, sigh...  I guess this is our revenge on the Mama Bunny for eating our vegetables!  Before the bunnies opened their eyes, for a week there, Second Child played with baby bunnies taking them out, walking around with them dangling like this, poking and prodding them. It's quite an activity to behold, lol.  And NO, I did not touch them!  ewwww!!!

Here is a close-up of the title. I quite love fitting a little sticker in the middle of the title. I like that look.  I printed the journaling onto patterned paper, then I adhered it onto thick packaging paper (not quite chipboard thick).  It adds a bit dimension to the journaling and the layout, love it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I entered this layout into Crate's sketch challenge.  It's hard to part with these papers, love the Little Sprout collection :) but it's a good stash reduction.  I even used the colored rubon from Crate for the first time, wow! Yay me! lol.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Color Room Palette 21

It's hard to believe that we are at palette 21 already!  The colors and inspiration photos of this palette reminded me immediately of the Crate Paper's Pink Plum collection, so here's my interpretation of the colors and Lydell's sketch.

I actually did this layout over a month ago, and these were the first strawberry picking photos from 2010 that I have scrapped :)  One of these years, I shall compile an album of all the summer strawberry pickings over the years.  We shall then see how the kids will have grown and how we will have aged, lol. Looking at these reminds me that I have photos of this little one in the Baby Bjorn all zonked out while I was picking, lol, good times...

I am currently working on a layout for the Crate Paper blog challenge, the deadline is approaching.  I hope I can finish it tonight so I can photograph it after work tomorrow.  I am trying to get back into doing manufacturer blog challenges, coz you know, I got nothing else to do, LOL.  But seriously, eyes on the prize here: stash reduction! LOL...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turning a New Leaf

As the end of summer approaches, it's time to scrap a memory or two about summer that does not involve the kids :)  I used the Work in Progress September kit for this layout. Trish put together yet another well-coordinated kit, not to mention it contains the brand new Cosmo Togetherness!  I used a set of stamps Clearly Sentimental about Gardens from My Favorite Things for the journaling spots.

Nothing says "summer" to me like garden fresh vegetables.  When this basket showed up on my kitchen counter, I knew the good time has finally arrived.  We grew raddishes for the first time this year, and by the way, that is a non-royal "we", as in I'm-not-involved, lol.  They were delicious, as is everything fresh from the garden.  They taste just a bit earthier and healthier to me.
I started this layout while scrapbooking with Christine. Here is my scrapbooking confession... When it comes down to it, a lot of times, I am a slacker. You've heard me say this before: good enough and moving on... Believe me, I know that on a 12x12 sheet of paper, every little detail counts. Some of my more favorite projects involved me paying and delivering some detailed work.  I just, don't, always, want to, deal, with, details...  Lydell has pointed this out to me many times, and now I've heard the same message from Christine. Therefore, I'm putting aside my lazy slacking ways. I'm buckling down and focusing more on details. I start with this page... Those butterflies wouldn't have gotten punched out last week. Had they been punched out, they would not have been inked. Had they been inked, they would have been popped out with 3-d foam squares... But I'm doing it from now on, I'm stepping up my game... and I hope it will show...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Happenings...

I had the pleasure of the company of Christine Middlecamp yesterday at dinner and a crop afterwards.  For all the talk of Olive Garden's bread sticks in advance, I didn't eat a single one!  I was so engrossed in the fascinating discussions on scrapbooking products, companies, teams, and industry in general.  Besides being a fountain of information, she's also totally normal, and completely honest, the kind of honesty that can deliver constructive criticism, something I covet greatly. 

It wasn't all scrapbooking either, between her layering of papers, we also talked about her upcoming school year. I think she was a little excited when I told her that I taught a few semesters of undergraduate business calculus when I was a math graduate student.  The thought of us discussing derivatives and integrals amused me.  I'm ready Christine.  Whenever you are ready to discuss the Chain rule, integration by substitution, the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, or whatever fancy strikes you, I'll be here with x- and y- axis ready to go!

Now onto project sharing...

As a part of the Cosmo Cricket feature on SRM Stickers blog, I altered a recipe box.  I bought this box a year ago and painted the edges red, then it sat there... until last week.  I am going to put this up for our annual United Way auction at work.  I used Cosmo Cricket's Early Bird and one sheet of SRM Stickers #49007: Live Life, What's Cookin'?

Then there was a layout that I did a couple of nights ago, beating the deadline to submit to the MME sketch challenge, just barely.  I am going to say that I utterly adore this Quite Contrary line by MME.  The colors are so magnificent!
One last close-up photo of  this sweet little gal.  I got a big order of My Favorite Things stamps this past week.  I seriously cannot get enough of this sweet Pure Innocence gal!!  Check out her hair, just like my DD's, lol.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So It's True!!!

Do you see what I see?!?!?!?!?!  Unbelievable!!  I don't believe it!!  Really?  OMG, seriously?!!  Wow!!!  What a once-in-a-lifetime thrill and honor this is!  When I'm old and gray, I shall sit down with my great-great-grandchildren and tell of them of the lore of yesteryear, when G'ma was a Cover Girl!!! 

Now back down on earth from Cloud Nine, I have a new layout to share with you.  It is a part of the SRM and Cosmo Cricket love each other showcase :)  We all got the Togetherness collection pack and I created this layout with this adorable Cosmo line.  Thank you Cosmo Cricket and SRM Stickers for your fantastic and beautiful products.    

I love that bear carrying his cub because it reminds me of the photos of my DH carrying Second Child as they flew a kite together.  I cut the kite and a part of the title using Laina's adorable 2peas digital die-cut kit: Summer Fun. I also cut out some clouds using the same kit and used the negative and spritzed some Shimmerz Vibez Jenni B Blew as clouds :)   Let's not forget the darling stickers I used on the kite, the tummy of the bear, and as title using this SRM Sticker sheet.

I am relieved to say that my body is almost done reacting to the sunscreen I used on the trip. Disgusting! Let's just leave it at that, and rejoice that my mini-album made the cover!! :) Two totally unrelated events, but I just wanted to bring up the latter again, lol.

One very last thing before I go, guess who I'm cropping with this Saturday?  Look to the left <===  Can I get an "OMG" please?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This Moment

Have you gotten your Midnight Rooster August kit yet? Here is a layout I created with this kit. I do have my camera around my neck all the time. I do sometimes think about enjoying the moment instead of focusing on taking pictures, but I can't help myself, especially when once in a while, a moment like this presents itself.

The red swirl is a Heidi Swapp mask and misted with Maya Mist included in the main kit! I also misted the bare Maya Road chipboards for the title. Maya Mists saturate extremely well, so their dark colors cover chipboard easily.

I'm experiencing some traumatic post-trip medical problems, so this will be short and sweet. I hope you are having a good weekend, I sure hope mine will improve soon... Just keep creating...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig

It was good to be on vacation but it is good to be home... The kids did very well considering their previous car-ride record was 40 minutes. This was sitting in the car eight hours straight, and several days at that! And unlike a flight to Shanghai, they can't unbuckle and move about the cabin, lol.

We saw a lot of stuff: America the Beautiful, so true, so true, so very true. So here's a heartfelt "THANK YOU" to President Theodore Roosevelt for his enduring legacy in his significant role in the creation of 150 National Forests, five national parks, and 18 national monuments, among other works of conservation. In total, Roosevelt was instrumental in the conservation of approximately 230 million acres of American soil among various parks and other federal projects.

Just a few highlight photos amongst thousands of photos (and I was deleting them along the way!)... Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore, Old Faithful in Yellowstone, Wall Drug and Corn Palace in South Dakota, wild animals in Yellowstone including the kids... good times, great memories, and overwhelming when I think about scrapping these photos...

The Color Room's release is tonight as well, and here is my take on palette 19. This is her viewfinder, an extremely accurate one.

The camera stamps from the Snapshot set is just too perfect for this layout, here's a close up of the stamped images.

I think another load of laundry is done and calling my name.  So this wraps up another entry. Oh before I go, the Midnight Rooster's mini-kit giveaway goes to comment #18 Aubree! 

Monday, August 9, 2010

Midnight Rooster August Kit Reveal and Giveaway

I hope you are excited to see the August Midnight Rooster kit, because it's bright, it's fun, and it's vivacious! Oh dear, for a second, I thought I was describing myself there. ROTFL!!

It is time for another Midnight Rooster Mini Kit Giveaway:

I'll be back from my little road trip soon and I thought I would share one layout using Midnight Rooster August kit. That flower came in the kit. I just love ready-made hand-made embellishments. It's so fun.

I used new SRM Stickers Summertime on the journaling blocks here.  And that cute camera is from myStamp Box's Snapshots.

Before I go, time for more pictures from CHA, and yes, mega-celebrity Tim Holtz and Yours Truly!  Laina and I stood in line to get his autographed new embossing folders.  When he got to me, he said "Oh yeah, yesterday in the cafeteria!"  I was surprised, "You remembered me?!"  "Of course I did" was his answer. It was almost embarrassing.  We saw Tim in the cafeteria over lunch my first day at CHA.  He sat one chair away from me.  After furtively glancing at him throughout the meal, I finally got the courage to ask for a photo, and he remembered!!  Probably from all those not-so-subtle glances and stares. LOL.
Now for the fun question to be entered into this month's Midnight Rooster's mini-kit giveaway...  please tell me what product from CHA are you most anxious to get your hands on. Thank you and later!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rehashing My Graphic 45 Mini's

Since I don't have anything new to post, I thought I would re-visit two projects from almost exactly a year ago. I created both of these mini-albums for Graphic 45's summer 2009 CHA booth. They are both published in this Creating Keepsakes special issue. 

If I sound calm and collected in this blog post, stating all these so matter-of-factly, well, that's due to blogsphere illusion!  I am still jumping up and down about this one! 

Graphic 45 papers can be intimidating.  I heard many times at CHA that the side B of G45 papers are easier to use.  I agree with that, but I love sides A for their complexity.  Because really, almost all the work is done for me already.  Take my "Journey to Paris" mini-album cover.  All I did was cut out a 5x7 piece of paper from the Transatlantique line and add a rubon and Chipboard title.  However, I think it looks quite complex, thanks to the depth of the paper to begin with.

"No Domestic Goddess Here" is my all time favorite mini-album about me, inspired by the line's name "Domestic Goddess" and something DD said about mending her clothes. 

"Journey to Paris" is actually not a travel album. All photos were from that trip, but it was a journal about why Paris, France, toutes les choses francais have such a strong hold on me.  It was about lack of political freedom when I was little, and gaining that freedom by becoming a U.S. citizen, and somehow all of that intertwined with la douce France (which incidentally, wasn't so douce to me my first time there).

Thank you for visiting again. I enjoy and appreciate all your comments and friendship. I am dreaming about winter CHA already. I hope I can go and meet some of you again and many of you for the first time!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another WIP Layout

The August WIP kit has a few sheets of paper that lean toward the "love to travel" genre.  I had to dig out some older photos just so I can scrap a travel page.  I never used to scrap the same photos twice, but I admit that these were scrapped nearly five years ago and I'm rehashing old materials here :)  I suppose I could find a thing or two to say about THE TOWER, but I got nothing, other than I miss France, especially the parts where I have not been! :)
I was hoping that inking the white foam thickers would make them stand out against the lighter background, but it wasn't so. I also stamped myStamp Box' Seal It onto the foam alphas as an experiment.  I think I need to experiment more to get better at it :)
I will leave you with a couple more photos from CHA.  I can't say enough times just how fun it was to meet all the people I've known online!  Here are Stacey and Charity, goodlooking women, fabulous scrappers!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Seriously, can I fit in more acrynoms in the title? LOL.  I swim in acrynoms working in the I.T. industry but these scrapbooking acrynoms are way more fun :)

It's August already and we are getting ready for a family road trip, so I'll be MIA for a bit from the blog, or maybe not, we'll see if I get my act together to schedule posts.  Meanwhile, here is a layout using the WIP's August kit.  These Echo Park papers are so much fun.  That company is onto something!  The next few lines are as goodlooking as the current ones! I saw a Halloween line and two Christmas lines in their booth at CHA.

I am not very good with tags, quite afraid of them in fact, lol, but I tried this and it worked out pretty well.  I stamped my favorite MFT stamp: Flower Girl onto an Echo Park journaling block.  I also used some of the brand spanking new, just released SRM stickers Everyday Girl. It is so totally fun.

If you noticed, my new profile photo is totally rad right? LOL.  It's a tale of unbelievable fun at CHA.  What a delight it was to meet Laina Lamb. I walked the floor with her for a few hours and she was out there and people love her!! 

She got me to attend a lunch with all the CK editors, you say WHAT? That's right baby, unreal no?  Here's my moment of publication glory, a photo with Jennafer Martin, editor-in-chief! 

At that lunch, there were these two ladies: Cindy Tobey and Amy Peterman.  I had already spied on them from a short distance when I was at the Fancy Pants booth. I stared at them until they caught my eyes, then I would be too chicken and look away.  But since we were eating lunch together, I felt free to gush a little bit :)  Seriously, how long have I loved these ladies' works?  Years... Long long long before Web 2.0 technologies existed, that's for sure. Amy told me that Fancy Pants booth had this camera thing that I should go check out. 

Later I was at Webster's both, chatting up a storm with Dena Coe.  Gosh she is so cute!  Admiring Webster's embellishment, someone asked me if I was Jing-Jing.  She started to explain who she was, holy buckets, I knew, the reigning Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Belinda Chang Langner.  Unreal!

So Belinda and I hooked up to walk the floor for a while.  Get this, Belinda and I can talk "real shop" since she works for IBM and heck I wondered if she noticed that I didn't ask her what a PoC was!  LOL. We wandered into Fancy Pants booth.  This time, I got my picture taken with Cindy and Amy. Then Belinda and I got all fancy and hence my new profile picture.  LOL.  What a beautiful story of my profile picture.  How I absolutely loved CHA for all the people!!