Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Weather Outside Is Delightful

My muffin top's looking frightful.  Since I've got some slimming to do, might as well run, might as well run, might as well run...

O M G, stop the presses, I bought NEW running shoes!! 

It was only a year ago when I realized my shoes were dead and that I needed new ones, but so many legitimate reasons and ridiculous excuses stood in my way.  So instead, I hobbled on my broken shoes for the entire "season." Broken: I can feel the cracks of my sole as I run, sigh...  Thankfully, I had lunch with running guru Jessy who told me about "running stores!"  I know!!!  What a concept, specialty stores dedicated to runners and running!!!  IMAGINE that!!!!  I had no idea!!  I even learned about pronation, was I clueless or what?  Anyway, I tried them out as soon as I got home.  A couple of miles, and my left toe still went slightly numb, sigh... I guess I will just have to live with it, or tie the laces differently or something... sigh...

On the scrappy side of things, I am pleased and nervous to say that I have joined My Stamp Box design team.  I know... don't laugh... I swear, I can stamp!  Seriously, for real, totally true!!  I can!  I will do Bettina proud! :)  You can read the announcement here. I have no idea what stamps Bettina picked out to send to me, but I look forward to the challenge.  My goodness, a stamp company, moi??  SO SO SO excited!!!  and nervous...
Now I have a business meeting to attend with Janine, Steph, and Lydell.  Oh yes, we are up to something... stay tuned...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Productive Than It Appears

I just counted: 19 layouts!! I have accumulated 19 layouts in the last month and half that are waiting for someone else's reveal before I can post them on my blog. Meanwhile, I feel as if I neglect posting here.

I went for my morning run today. It was 34 degrees and windy. I was okay, but my hands were really really cold. No way would I have run outside in 34 degree weather in December, but somehow late March, it didn't sound so bad! lol. I will surely complain here if I am sore again, count on it!

The kids are loving having the grandparents back, so I hear... I haven't seen them for a few days now... LOL, just kidding... Here is a layout of a rare Saturday last spring.  Typically, I'm not a stack buyer, but this particular stack "Hittin' the Books" by DCWV is so so so awesome!!!!!  Not to mention I got it with a 60% off coupon!!!  Speaking of coupons, I'm headed to Michael's today after a long absence :) with my stack of 50% off coupons.

Now here's a question for you: are layout close-ups necessary for a simple scrapper like me? Are they all that useful?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dear Uncle Steve

You are not getting money from me just because I scrapped you in a layout. 

So not every layout is a "masterpiece," so here is an example, sigh... It started out with so much promise, but it went nowhere... I will attempt another at another time, I have a stack of photos from the two of them playing chess. 

The only word in my vocabulary right now is "SORE."  Two days of consecutive running, I can hardly move. People at work tell me that I look and walk funny... more than usual!  Ugh, nothing beats old fashioned running on the road.  I guess the elliptical machine is just a mirage: it might look like I'm working hard on it, but really, it isn't the case... sigh...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Happy Day

It's a happy day because my parents have safely arrived! The airport pickup was a breeze and we were home in no time!
It's a happy day because I went running outside for the first time this year and I did not collapse. LOL!
Not just for me, it's gonna be a happy day for two little girls! Candies, books, DVD's galore await them! En garde, Barbie et les Trois Mousquetaires sont chez moi!
In celebration, I am sharing an oldie but a relatively goodie :) I created this layout for Pencilines DT call a few months ago. It's a dream of mine to get onto Pencilines, just once, that would be so cool! :)

Well, it's time to get back to "work." So much to scrap and so little time... :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Card Patterns 56 with SRM Stickers

It's Sunday, yay!  In two days, my snowbird parents return from Shanghai!  Bye-bye kitchen and children for six months, and HELLO scrapbook room! LOL.

This week, SRM Stickers is the sponsor for Card Patterns Sketch blog. I also tried out my hand at this lovely sketch! In fact, it is a card that I have actually given to a friend's 75th birthday! Hugs to you Evelyn! I enjoyed making it and it was so much more fun knowing who the recipient will be! So head on over to Card Patterns and create a card for your chance to win some serious SRM goodies!
I have another Anthologies Connections peek for you.  Remember the kit is available for purchase on April 1 12:00 a.m.!  What do you think, kinda pretty huh? :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

In Love with Paper Doll

Crate Paper has consistently produced collections that I must purchase for several years now. It's only middle of March and yet I feel like I had been waiting for their CHA-W 2010 collections forever!  I did not skimp on Paper Doll, three sheets of several patterns I did purchase!  Even so, I knew it's another creative hurdle for me. When I love something too much, I am paralyzed by it and nothing I do looks deserving enough for this gorgeous collection.  That's why I'm purchasing extras now, so I can get started with trial runs, layouts that are most within my comfort zone: linear. So this is me and an extremely simple layout with two 4x6 photos.  I know I'm completely unbiased when I say she is the world's most adorable child ;) Who can possibly resist that tummy? lol...  and... I hope this is just the beginning of my Paper Doll layouts

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Lucky Cards and an Anthologies Peek

What is going on eh?  More cards from moi? :)  Two more and look, I used my Cuttlebug embossing folders again! Are you not proud of me? lol.
Swiss dots embossing folder, Purple Cows tiny stamp edge, cricut hearts, and SRM Stickers.
And fear not, I am not Irish at all, so you don't have to kiss me, lol.  These dots are done using a Sizzix plate from Stampin' Up.  Isn't it just delicious?  I embossed Core'dination cardstock and lightly sanded it.  Wahoo! I am addicted!!! 
Last and not least, I have a tiny sneak peak of the premier Anthologies Connection kit!!! It will be for sale on April 1 at 12:00 a.m.! Mark your calendars!  What do you think?  I am totally delighted with my projects so far, because different is good!!! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Purple Cows St. Patty's Blog Hop

Welcome to the Purple Cows St. Patty's blog hop.  Naturally, the theme for my hop stop is "lucky." Just today, DD asked me about the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button in Picasa.  Little does she know, that's exactly how I feel whenever I am doing photo editing in Picasa.

I finally broke out my new Cuttlebug to use on actual projects! I embossed the light green cardstock with a bubble embossing folder. Then I used my trusty Purple Cows designer blade and created the small scallops. I also inked the edges.  Partners products from Cosmo Cricket and Hambly on the card, not to mention my favorite SRM stickers!

The second card was made first. I wanted to try my new Swiss dots embossing folder so voila.  I also used Purple Cows designer blade to make the subtle edges. This one is going to the PTA spring auction.  I will probably group it with a few other holiday cards to auction as a set. 

That's it from me! I hope you enjoyed my two little cards. Have a moorrific day and your next stop is chez Elisa.

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Memory Makers Layout

Memory Makers Books has a call out for layouts for an upcoming book. I have been working on a few layouts to submit.  Memory Makers always requires the pages to be never-before-seen, and I adhere to that requirement very strictly.  Interestingly enough, if I don't post a layout on my blog within days of creating it, I simply don't post it.  But I will take this "dry spell" of "new stuff," to post this layout that was published in Memory Makers last year and has never made an appearance here on my blog. There's no time like the present, so voila, another Great Wall layout :)  Some subject matters, in my book, cannot be scrapped enough.  They include: sisterhood/sibling rivalry, gardening, strawberries, and the Great Wall. LOL. 

Truly, this magnificent structure is everything it is hyped up to be (unlike the Forbidden City, yawn...). This last time, when we approached the mountains where a portion of the Wall sits, and as I caught my first glimpse of the Wall, I had to take a deep breath, because it is so so so awe-inspiring.  Strangely enough, whenever I reflect on the Great Wall, I think about the Egyptian Pyramids. One day, I shall see them with my own eyes, and I expect to be totally floored by their awesomeness.  No wonder, we call them Wonders.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Everyday life

I wish I am better at capturing everyday life. Whenever I see layouts of people's closets, neatly arrange memorabilia, their morning cup of joe, etc etc, I wish I have photos like that to scrap. I don't take photos like those, and I don't home-print photos.  So for me to do these everyday life types of layouts, I must be terribly intentional about it.  Maybe I will create a list of layout ideas and then go around the house and take pictures... hmm... to do that, I think I might need to order a flash for my camera... lol...

This is as everyday life as I get. Of course, it's about the kid(s) again.  With parenthood, one relinquishes the rights of "all about me" and officially enter into "adulthood."  LOL.  This layout was published in Scrapbook and Cards Today, Winter 2009 issue. This is definitely more minimalistic than I typically produce, and I'm thankful that it turned out well.

Here is a closeup on the chipboard pieces I used.

Yesterday, I received my first kit from Anthologies Connection, I cannot wait to fully dive in tonight. I am letting my ideas percolate.

Also, check out this gorgeous mini-album by Christie!!  You can purchase this project kit at the Scrappy Gourmet.  I am just so excited for her!!! 
As always, I must tell you to check out the SRM blog again!!!  The inspiration there and the constant, nonstop, delicious, mind-blowing content that is generated by the DT... leave me speechless... 

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Things Are Looking Up...

Oh yes, indeed they are... I just took a picture of a new layout OUTSIDE and it's only March 6!! There will be a snowstorm or five before the month is over, but hope is creeping back into my life... L O L !!!

The above layout I did for Graphic 45 for CHA-W 2010. My two-year term with Graphic 45 is coming to an end soon. I will miss being associated with such a prestigious paper manufacturer, but I hope there will be other opportunities on the horizon for me.

Speaking of, I am very excited to share that I have been selected as a member of the new Anthologies Design TeamAnthologies is an LSS in the Dallas/FW area.  It will be debuting its brand new monthly kit club Anthologies Connection on April 1.  The kit is on its way to me now, and from what I have heard so far, I will be in kit heaven.  I am so looking forward to working with Tracy and Nita and the rest of the design team.  Watch out for sneaks on my blog!!

Lastly, SRM has launched a Facebook Fan Page.  Get yourself fanatized and enter the inaugural weekend contest: make a tag with a sticker!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do You Love Strawberries?

I DO!!!

When Maya Road finally came out with a strawberry coaster album, I flipped! At the first sign of its availability, I snatched up three. My gosh it was so so so so much fun putting this together. It's made by me for me, because I love this crazy paper hobby of mine. I used the totally darling, adorable, delicious MME Mary Mary Quite Contrary line for it. Gosh, what an utterly enjoyable experience but of course my scrapbook table is messier than normal, and that's extremely messy, yuck.

I am waiting for my new Purple Cows Laminator. It's available now at Joann's!!  I understand this model has even more features than the previous version, so I'm anxious to try it out. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SRM Lily Bee Baby!

My first project for SRM Stickers is up on the blog! Please check it out as there are several other FANTASTIC baby layouts showcased. This month's theme is "baby." Be sure to check out and enter the challenge at the SRM blog, you have a whole month to do this!

This photo is from a long long long time ago, ages... lifetimes ago... lol... sigh... good old baby times. She did have some crazy hair! I think I need to add a little journaling to this layout. I had written it up already but I have yet to print it out! My mother spent a lot of time and effort wetting down her hair but of course, as soon as it dries, it stands right back up. Funny stuff...

Here is a close-up of the swirl of the Lily Bee Paper. I hollowed out some of the loops and added a sticker border to it.

I am also delighted to share that I got a phone call from Scrapbooks Etc!  I was in complete shock that it took me a minute to figure out which layout they wanted.  She had to repeat the layout title to me four or five times and I still couldn't remember it...  but in the end, my wits were gathered, thank goodness.  :)