Saturday, January 30, 2010

If the Hat Fits...

It depends on how the word "fits" fits... eh... Created this layout based on a Sunday sketch at Studio Calico. I love the wide open white space. I still managed to fit in three photos, granted they were printed as 3x4 to begin with :)

I think the more common spelling of this fruit is "pomelo." Well, I should have looked it up, it would have saved me an "m." lol. I grew up eating this fruit and they are in abundance in the winter at local grocery stores here at $1 a piece (on sale, I think, I dunno for sure, DH does the grocery shopping). Even though they are widely and readily available, the comments and questions I get every time I am seen eating one at work. And I'm not putting it on my head either!

I'm finally using some beloved Sassafras paper to make room and way for the new CHA-W '10 collections. I even splurged a couple of Sass flowers onto the layout, gasp... LOL. And 7Gypsies' 97% complete stickers, my most favorite embellishment in the world. I used a couple of them from the "R is for Retail Therapy." I had four sheets of that, and still hesitated, what can I say?

Here's a close-up.

If you are in the market for some Baker's Twine, and who isn't, it's so "in" in the scrappy world, find some in Deana's etsy shop. She got herself 3000 yards of it, lol, read about it here. I laughed when I saw the spool!

Lastly, check out Lolly's first video tutorial. I'm a huge FanChops of Lolly and she's so humorous. I LOUDLY lol'ed watching the video! I look forward to the next installment!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

because I like the photos...

If I had seen this layout a couple of years ago, I would have thought it completely useless: no journaling, no date, what is the point? And yet here I am, delighted with the results of this experiment, and relatively happy with the layout :) besides, I really love these photos.

Every time I mist, it's an experiment, I never know how it will end up looking! I layered Maya Road chipboards onto the paper and spritzed a few times. The other experiment is using the MM journaling pages as patterned paper, looks a'ight to me: instant stash reduction! The last experiment that didn't go so well were those colored rubons. Eh, whatcha gonna do, can't un-rub them! lol.

I should mention this is done using Scrapbook Obsessions' Feb '10 kit. The mist and the rubons are from my own stash.

Lastly, I just want to share that two of my Graphic 45 mini-albums have been picked up for publication! This is validation on so many different levels!!! I am so so happy! xxoo to you all!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CPS 150 and Unscripted

First up, I did CPS 151 using the Scrapbook Obsessions' Feb kit. This kit is really wonderful, the picture doesn't come close to doing the kit justice! I was delighted how embellishment heavy it was since I already had the AdornIt papers :)

Next, I did this card using Unscripted sketch #39. This is a new-to-me challenge site. I'm excited about this discovery as I really like the sketches. I hope to participate more in the future. Also, I'm excited to finally use this line of Cosmo paper. I got it by raiding Aubree's stash! And!!! The corners are "rounded" using a Fiskar punch! I'm going to admit to having no clue why the corner rounder punch was punching "the other way" as I studied the punch. It wasn't till I decided to just try it, did I then realize what kind of "rounding" it did!!!! Alls I gots to say: "Moooooooolicious!!!"

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who's Afraid of Virginia Lu?

Oh dear, I hope she doesn't, ugh, have a cow, when she sees that blog post title. LOL. I can't help it... lol... and here's the truth, I've never read the book! gaaaaasp...

A few days ago, Virginia issued her very own blog challenge, and it's been on my mind ever since. I've only discovered her blog after she commented on mine, and I'm blown away by her productivity, awesome creativity, and fantabulous creations! So she asked for wow factor, and based on our recent blog exchange, I decided, I'm going to "wow" you by actually using my Copic markers. For example, "Wow, you really stink at coloring!" or "Wow, you've never used Copics before this? Wow, it shows!" LOL. This card is also based on Everything but the Kitchen Sink sketch challenge, yet another site that I discovered via Virginia.

In all seriousness, it was kinda fun to try something new. Besides, I buy stamps as often as the next person in line, not to mention I can't resist cute October Afternoon stamps like the ones I used here. I think I have another idea for Virginia's challenge, this cow one isn't entirely satisfying, so I will try again.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

CPS 150 and Cosmo Sketch

This is the NFC Championship weekend! Even though I will deny refute dispute repudiate rant against anything Minnesota related, I will admit that Purple runs deep in my vein. And like any good ol' Minnesotan rube, I have nothing but pessimism when it comes to the team, sigh... But like Gandalf said, "there never was much hope, just a fool's hope..." So here I go, hope against hope... hoping to hear Favre perform "Pants on the Ground" again...

Now back to regularly scheduled programming, the hateful MN weather continues and there is still not enough sunlight for decent photographs, so these will do!! This is my take on CPS 150 sketch. I actually did CPS 149, twice! Uglier cards they could not be! LOL.

This layout is based on a Cosmo Cricket sketch. These are my favorite photos of my Golden Pig and her friend Tiptoes. They were so hard to scrap because I don't think I will ever find paper good enough for them. Finally, I decided that I will have a few more sets of prints made so I don't feel like I couldn't scrap them again. You see the photo on the right, it may look like she's trying to get away from Tiptoes, in reality, she was falling because the cushion behind her was giving way, lol. And Mama, she was busy taking photos, lol!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another MME Sketch Challenge

My Mind's Eye is having another sketch contest. What a great way to continue the stash reduction before the new CHA releases hit the market. I am not even going to bother to resist this time around. Good gracious, have you seen Quite Contrary? Yeah, not going to pretend as if I could resist. LOL.
As I type this post, the kids are over there moaning "ζˆ‘η”Ÿη—…δΊ†." LOL. I think I may have started this lovely game, because it sure is nice to pretend to be sick so I can lie on the couch "playing" with them. LOL. It's not all peaches and cream being the "patient," the "doctors" are merciless poking and prodding!!

Lastly, can I do layouts without misting any more? LOL.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crafty, almost...

I'm doing some file fitness on on my storage and came across this layout. It was done with the Scrapbook Obsessions' December 2007 kit.

It has been two years since I first began to look around me in the scrapping world instead of just doing my own thing. Around that time, I began this little blog so I would have a place to post my "stuff." I was and remain too intimidated of 2peas to post my "stuff" there. I do occasionally, but under obligation to others :)

Two years later, certain things have come into focus. I will never have a home warmly decorated with my hand-crafted projects. In fact, I doubt I will ever adorn my home with my scrapbooking pages. Time is limited and priorities are such. What time I do have will be devoted to taking pictures of my kids and life around me. I will scrapbook to capture memories, thoughts, anecdotes, events with written words. I will remain content with being "almost crafty."

And oh, head over to the Prism Blog to see my challenge layout for January.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is my first time attempting a Caardvark's challenge. I just really enjoy sketches. What a great way to launch into a layout or a card!!

Here is another card that uses the Jan 2010 kit by Scrapbook Obsessions. It's a wedding card, as the double-happiness symbol is used exclusively for weddings for the Chinese.

CHA is just around the corner and I've already seen many collections that are must-have for me. I can't wait for my favorite stores to open up the pre-order lines. I'm not going to be shy this time around. It'll be mission buy-buy-buy, lol.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Color Combos Galore 139

It's a new year and Color Combos Galore is back. Janet is kicking things off with a lovely lovely combo with such soft color palettes that remind me of spring! And believe me, I need to be reminded of spring, you know, the two days between bitter winter and scorching summer here in the land of 10,000 lakes, ugh!

I came upon these photos in my stash, look at those chunky legs! Mighty Meaty!! I parted several label stickers from Fontwerks on this layout. Now they are gone, I'll never have them again, sigh... I also misted the green cardstock with a new template. After the kids punched out their circles for Disney bingo, several misting templates were born, lol. And yes, the new set of Martha punches :) Oh yeah, if this layout and the previous card look rather similar, that's because they were made together :) Making a card after creating a layout is the best tip I've ever received years ago. After all, everything that is coordinating is already together in scrap format, have at it! :)

The word on the world wide street is that the Feb. CK magazine is out, I anxiously wait for my copy...

Thursday, January 7, 2010

CPS 148

This is the best I can do given the low light situation. This past summer, I had thought that I would tough it and go outside to photograph my projects. Now the dreadful winter is squarely upon us, there is no going outside! LOL.

Yes, another set of Martha Stewart punch, ugh, I cannot resist them, especially not when I have 50% off coupons in hand :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

With Winter CHA around the Corner...

Maybe it is finally time to post some of my projects for Graphic 45 for Summer CHA 2009? Here are two that actually made into the booth in Orlando.

This is probably the best card I've ever made, lol. I've tried submitting it and no one wants it, lol. And now what am I going to do with it? LOL.

Here is another layout using the Graphic 45 Fashionista line. I created this for Stacey Michaud's November article at ScrapStreet magazine. You must check out Stacey's work, believe me, it's more than just paper! I just love her lines on all her layouts, so clean, elegant, and refined. Not to mention she just made Pink Paislee, holy buckets, congrats!

I love this layout, probably because the photos are my favorites of Second Child from 2009. Sometimes I feel so inspired, like when Stacey asked me to create a layout about some one's personality, this just came flying out. And there are other times, like right now... nothing... and it's not like things are not due soon... I blame the frigid weather!
Before I go, stop by Prism's blog to check out my New Year's Home Decor project, and my Christmas layout. Send me some good scrappy and creative vibes please, I really need it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Another Gregorian year has come and gone. I'm kicking off the year with my "resolution" that I started last month: be more consistent with card challenge sites. So here is my entry into the current CPS challenge. It is based on its sketch 126.
I have a cold and I'm feeling pretty miserable. Many assignments are due so I'd better get to them. I just want to remind you that Purple Cows consumer contest's deadline has been extended!! Please enter, you could win a truck load of prizes! Also, I hope you are watching the Graphic 45 blog for sneak peaks of their three new lines. I am in love with all three, but my favorite is the Boardwalk, oh the muted turquoise, be still my beating heart! And there is a giveaway on the blog right now, so get to that ASAP!!
Happy New Year to you and yours!