Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do Not Climb!

This layout was done for the Graphic 45 Blog using Amanda Johnston's sketch. Amanda's sketches are very linear so they suit me extremely well.

Even though it was only 2.5 months ago that we were touring Beijing, but it feels as if forever ago. I have tens and thousands of pictures that will never get scrapped, so I have decided to do what I can for the fun of it. The "rest" will likely find their ways into a Snapfish photo book or something.

Here is Second Child in an ancient incense burner at Tian Tan Park, ugh, yeah, I put her in there.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Coming to My Cube

Oh my goodness, I'm excited about this clipboard calendar I made. Finally, I will have a decent calendar in my cube!! I totally and utterly love the Tim Holtz clock mask. As soon as I saw it as the add-on for S.O. kit this month, I knew I had to have it for this very purpose. It's fantastic, really, really fantastic!!

The butterflies are Tim Holtz Grungeboard ones and for that reason, they can be bent easily. I coated one with Pearl paint and then applied glitter glue and then coated it with extremely fine glass. Fabulous result! The smaller butterfly was first distress inked and then I used clear stickle on it and it looks like glass, just as Tim promised.

For the longest time, I struggled with where to print the monthly 2009 calendars. I've searched Microsoft downloadable calendars or many other free ones out on the web. My answer was found at my favorite local crafty store: Michaels! They have millions different cheapo small calendars for sale and I picked one up for $1. Photo corners are used so I can rotate the monthly calendar page.

It's going to be great, it'll definitely cheer my cube up more. My cube is already way more decorated than my house and I will continue that effort. Love my shiney and bright cubicle, sweet cubicle... LOL

Monday, December 15, 2008

Scrapbook Obsessions Jan 2009 Kit

This month, SO is featuring Little Yellow Bicycle. These are not the easiest colors for me since most of my pictures are oozing pink... wonder why, eh? :)

But I managed to create this beauty if I must say so myself . My gosh, the papers look against black! And don't they say black is sliming? But I suppose black and white together isn't :)


There are more to come, but unfortunately by the time I get home, it's dark and I cannot take a decent photo of the layouts any more, so it will have to wait till this weekend!! Until then...
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

PEACE Banner with Graphic 45

I am utterly addicted to banners!! Here is my December contribution to the Graphic 45 gallery. Right now, it is hanging in my cube against some seriously drab background. I think I'm going to keep it in my cube to cheer the place up.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Post-Thanksgiving Craze

So I had a crazy and wild Black Friday. I had to work. In fact, it was my 11th consecutive day-after-Thanksgiving at work! I've never taken this day off since I joined the workforce! I really don't mind! Many people have families and traditions, and I can't take a day off for the sake of taking a day off! I must save my vacation days for big trips! Would I ever escape China? I now realize the answer is no, the food lures me back, LOL!

Back to my crazy and wild Black Friday. Though I had to go to work, I did get up and went to Walmart! At 5:10 a.m., it had already sold out of the Cricut Expression Bundle at the $199 price! I foolishly stood around for over 45 minutes hoping someone would find another one in the famed "back"! A part of me was glad that I didn't have to wait in the lines. There were more people at Walmart than on the Great Wall of China! It was UNREAL!

I never really wanted the Cricut but the ladies at Scrapbook Obsessions talked me into it!!! So after disappointment at Walmart, I went to Michael's and bought the Cricut Create. They were having $29.99 catridge sale, so I bought a whole basketful. Then I talked to various people and realized that I ought to get the Cricut Expression after all!! I also found out that the catridges "Graphically speaking" and "Storybook" are for sale at Walmart but not at M's but Walmart does price matching! I rushed to M's again after work to pick up an advertisement and then only this morning went back to Walmart to get the catridges at the incredible price of $29.99 each!!

Now I'm all set, all I need is the ACTUAL CRICUT MACHINE!!! Is this crazy or what? I'm not even convinced that I need a diecut machine and yet I've come undone by some enabling and good deals!!! sigh...

I do have a Graphic 45 layout to show! I love it. I always love layouts that capture a moment and has a story to tell, even if it is a very short little story like this one.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Anyone Out There Still?

Indeed I've been missing. I haven't done much scrapping for so long now, so I don't quite know what to blog...

I am back in my real life and as usual, depression after vacation has set in. This time, it is accompanied by a screaming toddler from 10 pm - 2 a.m. every day. So I'm jetlagged, overwhelmed, and without parental help. I wonder if I will ever scrap again...

Here is an unloved layout that I submitted to Memory Makers birthday pages call. I must share a bit of good news, another one of the layouts I submitted did get picked up, my first ever, my goal to see my page in print in two years have been accomplished. Yay :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Graphic45 Contest Time

Graphic45 Contest: We invite you to celebrate this wonderful time of year with us at Graphic 45 by joining in our "Winter Wonderland" ScrapOFF! We are looking for beautiful original scrapbook or paper crafting projects that celebrate your fondest holiday memories. Submit your holiday greeting cards, scrapbook layouts, mini books, altered items, or whatever else you choose using paper from any of our collections. Entries will be judged on overall appeal as well as creativity. One grand prize will be awarded as well as 5 runner up prizes. The grand prize winner will receive a set of all 7 collections, which includes the 3 new lines that won't be released until CHA in January! The 5 runners up will receive a set of 2 of our collections.
We are excited to see what Wonderful Winter creations you come up with!

How to Enter: Upload a photo(s) of your project into our gallery. ** Please do not submit anymore than 3 photos of your project and please try to keep photos under 150 kb each.** IMPORTANT! All submissions must have "Winter Wonderland ScrapOFF" under products used on G45's gallery to be considered for the contest. As well, please in the Extended Description/Instructions section include a little information about your project. i.e. what is inspiration for the project, what is the project (a layout, mini book, an altered ?what?), and the approximate size. Also, please include your state/province and country of residence and your blog address if you have one. Please feel free to publish your projects (i.e. photos includes) and details of this contest on your personal blog. (All entries will be acknowledged via email within a few days of receipt. Please also give us a couple of days to approve the upload of your photos into the gallery).

Rules: Anyone residing in any country. You are welcome to use products other than Graphic 45, however we ask that 75% of the product used is ours. No more than 3 photos per project please. By submitting, you agree to Graphic 45 displaying your entry on our website. If you require us to take it down for a future submission elsewhere, please let us know and we will do so.

Deadline: Deadline for all entries is Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. Once the deadline has been reached, we will select one winner based on creativity and overall appeal. Entries will be judged by Graphic 45. Winners will be announced on G45 blog on Monday, December 15th, 2008 one grand prize winner plus 5 runners up.

Friday, October 31, 2008


When it comes to the famous Wall of China, Great does not even begin to describe it. Such awesome majesty is easily understandable at the hands of God, but to have been built by men, over many centuries, is simply mind boggling!

While I have little affinity for the moldy and shabby Forbidden City, there isn't enough things I can say about the Great Wall that would do it justice. No matter how crowded parts of it can be, no matter how many people I had to yell at on the wall and push out of my way to go forward, it is simply great. I think the best parts of the wall are those portions that are in ruins, so stark, so haunting, blended into its rugged surroundings, 4000 miles of of blood, sweat, tears, life and death since 6th century B.C.. No matter how you look at it, and which parts of it you see, renovated and crawling with tourist, or ruined with wild trees and grass growing from it, it is an unbelievably amazing sight.

It is one of my dreams, on my Bucket List if you will, to hike the Wall in its remote portions that are mostly in ruins, far from the madding crowd, after all, the choices are plenty, given its 4000 miles :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

My First Layout of This Trip

I admit to feeling extremely guilty for putting only one photo onto a layout, but I am realizing that it is simply impossible to scrap 2000 pictures I took in Beijing, not even a fraction of them! So, it's going to be a very small portion of the pictures that I take that will make onto layouts, and hopefully representative of the activities we did and places we visited.

My mother had a bunch of prints made for herself but I stole this one photo for this layout. I like everything about this photo. Even though my children are visiting one of the most prestigious places in the world, their delight in icecream is equal to none. And of course, they are sitting on the Imperial door stop, with un-renovated palace doors and poles behind them makes it even more precious to me. I have many photos of this little stop in the Forbidden City, but this is how I have started the n-year project of making the 2008 China trip album I guess :)

For those of you who haven't been to the Forbidden City, let me assure you that you aren't missing much. LOL! I've been there twice as an adult and both times I felt that the Chinese emperors did not know how to live or what luxurious living really is. I have also been to Versailles twice as an adult. My recommendation to the Chinese emperors would have been to take a page out of the French royalty's book and learn a thing or two on how to live as they did! If only the Chinese government spent less money on fireworks for the Olympics or the Olympics in general and spent more money on renovating the palaces, perserving not only Chinese but also world heritage for the generations to come, sigh...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've been away...

Though it might appear as if I've been slacking on this blog, the truth is, eating and sleeping all day takes a lot of time and effort, just ask this Panda :)

The entire gang went to the capital city this past week. What an exhausting trip it was. I've been asked rhetorically by so many relatives if it is difficult to take care/raise two children. I had at first interpreted their question from an American perspective. Of course, it is difficult, but everyone manages and many do it with even more children. Such is the way of life. But the longer I am in China, the more I realize, they ask that question from a Chinese perspective, and no matter how advanced China has become, certain extremely simple things in my American life I take for granted that make my life easier are still missing in China. For example, I cannot push a stroller onto any Chinese street for too long without having to pick it up and overcome some obstacles that are not stroller/handicap accessible such as stairs. Of course, this is easily overcome if you are wealthy in China, you have an entourage of maids with you to deal with these headaches for you. For that matter, not only would I need a car, I would need a chauffer to achieve door-to-door service that I am used to in the U.S. Not that life in the U.S. is all that door-to-door, but I don't have to worry about cars and their drivers thinking they are God's gift to China and pay no attention to pedestrians no matter how many children they are holding, they WILL cut in front of you, come within inches from your 4 year old and then brake.

Traveling is exhausting enough, and traveling with two small children is so much more exhausting, but it has its huge rewards, namely the two thousand photos I have to show for the trip. Here are a few not so good ones :)

The back entrance into the Forbidden Palace. I doubt the kids will remember much, but they will have pictures to remind them that they've been there already :)

Unwilling participants in a photoshoot in the Palace.

Oh yeah, this must look familiar!

And this too... not only the screaming child in the foreground but also the nest in the background :)

No layouts this time, a rare occassion for this blog :) Until next time...

Monday, October 13, 2008

One Planet: Ours

My beloved readers, I hope you aren't expecting to see layouts about Shanghai? LOL!
Here's another relatively simple one and yet another single-photo layout I have done. I've made comments on "simplicity" twice in a row now, when in fact, I tend to be a "simple" scrapper anyway. It's just that I'm not surrounded by my room full or products and therefore I feel it's simple. LOL.
I used the Fancy Pants Daily Grind paper and the background "cardstock" is from Basic Grey's Granola's line.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Is This Too Plain?

The evening before I left for Shanghai, I made one last stop at Archiver's and bought a new line from Sassafras Lass. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I brought it with me on my trip and here's a very very simple layout with these delicious papers! I rather like it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shanghai Noon

It's hard to believe that I've been here for almost two weeks now! I haven't even gone to what we Shanghainese call "Shanghai" yet. Not that it holds much interest to me. Going anywhere with the children is just exhausting. Of course, in the U.S., we go everywhere by car. Even if we went everywhere with taxi which is most of the time, it's just not the same.

Here is another layout I did here with S.O. October kit.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Let's Milk the Few Layouts I have

Scrapbooking away from home is as complicated as I thought it would be. No wonder I don't go to crops! I brought the S.O. October Kit in its entirety and I have three layouts to post in the next few days. The Daily Grind line is utterly refreshing and most of them don't need a lot of embellishing to create beautiful looking layouts.

Well, I am still trying to recover from jet lag. Second Child is still waking up every day at 4. By the time both kids are down for the evening, I head to bed as well, too tired to scrapbook.

Shanghai is every experience I know to expect, but that does not make it easier. First I must get used to the concept of "pedestrians last." I'm just not used to having cars turning left and cutting in front of me as I cross the street with two children. I understand why it is like this: overpopulation, but it does not make it easier to deal with! It usually takes me a few days to not take it personally and not want to throw a rock at the car.

I am almost out of the "why the heck am I here" phase of every one of my Shanghai trips. I am glad that I have 7 more weeks so my "I wish I live here" phase will be a lot longer than it is usually.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Graphic 45 October

I am posting for Graphic 45 October already. It was wise of me to have completed these several weeks ago, long before the hectic stressing and packing began.
I plan to make regular updates to the blog while I am in Shanghai. I will have to see just how much I can tolerate the smoking environment of internet cafes there. So check back and don't give up on me.

Both layouts are out for publication.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Preposition Princess

I made this little album for a Preposition Challenge quite some time ago now. Every page contains at least one preposition. I drew most of the inspiration from glorious 7gypsies 97% complete stickers.

I'm now packing for my big trip, even though I am still in denial, the truth is that there is no time to scrapbooking in the evenings now. I must think about packing, buying things to pack, packing... Meanwhile, I now have the job of researching a self-guided trip to Japan. Exciting it may sound, it's an overwhelming task. I must get as much done as possible before landing in Shanghai so I could avoid prolonged stays in smokey internet cafes...

Back to my little mini, it's all about her...

Once upon a time...

The fairest of 'em all.

She rules her kingdom with BFF Tiptoes.

Over the top High Maintenance.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Fashionista with flair.

Fair maiden in distress.

Laps of Luxury.

Happily ever after.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Will You Be My Pen Pal?

Ladies and gents, head on over to Pen Pals because yours truly is hosting a challenge this week :)
Now here are some product gushing: Jenni Bowlin, OMG, I wish I have a stack of these label papers!!

Collage Press, OMG, so hard to "part" with these Grayson Hall papers! I love this line so very much.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Focus on Two

I did not think I was going to do this Pen Pal challenge. But as I played through many numbers in my head, this idea came to me. The layout does not really focuses on journaling per requirement, but it does get at the number theme :) Frankly, it also doesn't look a thing like how I had sketched it out, but you know my motto, "good enough, moving on..."

Of course, as I was photographing this layout, my dad saw it and had to comment "tsk, tsk, one photo only, when will you ever be done?" LOL!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Brain is in Overdrive

My kids and I are leaving for Shanghai in less than 3 weeks. I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. We will be there for 8 weeks, longer than I have ever been since leaving there permanently in 1987.

I've been back once every other year since 2000. Each time I was greeted with changes of mountain-moving magntitude. This time, I'll be with both kids and without DH, I just can't wrap my brain around what it would be like... So far, I'd say it's a mixture of excitement and anxiety. DD#1 has done the trip before, so I know what to expect from her when it comes to long-distance air travel, but #2 is new to it all...

Then there's the question of just how much scrapping supplies to bring with me! At first I was going with nothing, but when will I ever have this much time off again? I should attempt a few mini-albums at least. I'm considering bringing a few kits with me and see how far they will take me... But of course, there is the possibility of having too much fun in Shanghai and no time for scrapping, that'd be okay as well, after all, we have a couple of trips planned while we are there...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Graphic45 September Layout: Strawberry Harvest

I am ga-ga over my gardens, especially considering I don't have to do any work except to photograph and eat the fruits and vegetables it produces.
DH planted 8 most pathetic looking strawberry plants last year. Lo and behold, they produced over 25 lbs of strawberries for us when all was said and eaten :) Here is a layout on our first mini-harvest of our strawberry patch.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pink Paislee Me

This month is Pink Paislee at S.O. This paper is so extremely versatile and that little owl cannot be cuter, really!

One way blogging has changed my scrapping is evident to me in this layout. Before I started a private blog to record our lives, these pictures would be accompanied by journaling of the day I create this layout. But as everyone knows, a baby changes constantly and quickly. By the time I got around to scrapping these pictures, she had moved onto another and another favorite book(s). But this layout is dedicated to that first favorite book, the one for which she would fervently reach and upon getting the book, she would relax in full to enjoy.

For this layout, I created a sketch and used the harvest moon as my white space. The paper reminded me of rich harvest of apples, hence the layout. Also, I got in the Pink Paislee Topsider Shapes in the add-on. I love how you get the really thick stickers to go on top of the chipboard. But I did not use the stickers on the chipboard, instead, it's like getting a sheet of stickers and a sheet of chipboard shapes!!! I love that!!! I used one for journaling in the Honey Crisp layout.

This layout was much more spontaneous. I was flipping through pictures looking for some to scrap another layout, meanwhile, Second Child was in the next room SCREAMING her little head off instead of going to sleep!!! Usually my muses all leave me and I go downstairs and vegetate in front of the T.V., but by chance I came across this picture of her crying in the yard. I stared at it, how appropriate, since it was what she was doing at that very moment! Then it came to me, how to use the round scallop paper...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Runner-up for Memory Makers Masters 2009

Nothing I can say describes how I am feeling right now, but I am one of the runners-up for the Memory Makers Masters 2009 contest.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Graphic 45, PenPal, Cherub Throw Down

Well, I am utterly honored to have been chosen by Beverly and Colette as the First Pen Pal of the Week! So this calls for celebration and this post is going to serve three purposes!

Here is a layout I did for Graphic 45 using Baby 2 Bride line. Long before I got my hands on the Baby to Bride line, I yearned for one particular sheet in this collection, “sentimental baby.” It reminds me of ceilings in Versailles. If you’ve ever been there, you know what I’m talking about: opulent scenes of Greek mythology with Louis XIV depicted as Apollo himself. And there are always angels and cherubs surrounding all the scenes on the ceilings of Versailles.

Well, I tell you that this is a baby/cherub throw down, because I think my own baby cherub rivals any of the ones I’ve ever seen on the ceilings of Versailles or any other palace/chateau for that matter. I am no professional photographer, so I make do with what I can, and once in a while, I managed to capture a moment that tugs on my heartstrings like this one. Everything I love about my baby is captured: round cheeks, tight fists with hand dimples, knitted brows, big eyes, chubby tummy, quirky toes… I can go on… The subtle colors of this line go so well with the photo and I cannot be happier to cut out some actual baby cherubs to accent my layout.

And it just so happens... the journaling block I used says "Things I love about you..." which is the theme of the second challenge at the Pen Pals blog! So I am totally cheating and using this layout and calling it challenge complete!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dora Water Hopscotch

One of the many blogs I subscribe to via GoogleReader is Scrappin Kids. I have noticed a trend of moving away kids layouts to satisfy people who want too see non-kid based layouts, so it is nice to have a blog dedicated to scrappin the munchkins. Another thing I like about the challenges is that they are monthly, so lots of time to do a challenge.

For the month of August, the challenge is to scrap kids having fun in water. I don't have any journaling, because really, the pictures say it all. Now, when I get to scrapping Second Child on the same day, "participating" in the same event, much will be written about that, since it was a bit traumatic for her and her mama loves noncritical silly trauma drama!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

BoBunny Organic

The August newsletter for S.O. has been posted. As usual, it's so fun to look through it after it's been together.

Since we are in the middle of the 2008 Olympics, let me contribute by posting a layout on Guilin, China. I did three layouts with the kit and this one is my favorite because I really love this blue sheet of BoBunny paper from their Organic Line.

Speaking of China, I am headed to Shanghai in September. I will be gone for 8 weeks. So far, a trip to Japan is planned (in our heads at least). I am thinking Thailand as well, but we will see once we are in Shanghai what the tour groups are offering. My father told me that I am too poor to travel in style like the Chinese do. This is so true. The real Chinese have a saying for us oversea Chinese returning to China: "They talk big. They dress poor. They spend stingy." Yep... I don't know if I talk all that big, but without a doubt, I don't dress well, nor do I spend money the way the real Chinese do! LOL!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Island Birthday

The August Rusty Pickle Blog challenge is to use RP's summer papers to create a birthday themed layout along with any RP alphabet stickers.

Of course I immediately thought about scrapping the girls' birthdays until I looked at my stash of Rusty Pickle papers.

A L O H A ! ! !

Did I not turn 28 and 33 in Hawai'i??!! How about a day in the spotlight for my own birthday?! lol... These two pictures were taken in low light situations and were not very good so I converted them into B/W photos, even so, they are not very good photos. But the memory and occasion were precious and worthy of documentation, so the pictures sat there waiting and biding their time.

Well, their time is now! I used paper from three different Rusty Pickle summer lines, and the alphabet is from Merry Grinchmas. The more I participate in the RP blog challenges, the more I realize how huge and deep my RP stash is! Above all else, I am glad to be using them instead of just collecting them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When I was 17...

This past week, when I read on Colette's blog that she had started a new journaling blog with a friend of hers, my heart lept out my throat. There are so many reasons that I am excited about this, I don't really know where to begin, but it is a gut feel. It felt good and useful to me to be guided by this new venture of Colette and Beverly's.

Nowadays I spend a lot of time making and perserving pretty supplies. I love and enjoy it with the utmost delight. But it is definitely soothing to be myself and create straightforward and simple pages without overthinking it. So here is my entry into the first challenge, scrap an age. This is going to be an interesting journey, because this is the first photo of myself from my "history" box that I've ever scrapped. When I started scrapbooking, memories of my college years were still too raw to touch. So many years later, I can calmly and objectively look back at that time and see the footprints of God and none of mine and feel at peace with it. So here is my page, of course, I used some delicious Sassafras goodies, can I just say I love Sassafras Lass? swoon...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cards for MIL

Every time my mother-in-law comes to my house, I frantically try to make cards before her arrival. I am her card supplier. I interrogates her on whether she's bought any cards since I've last seen her, and she gets a scolding if her answer is "yes." She visited this past weekend and that set in motion some serious card making. It's an exercise in dichotomy for me. On the one hand, I want them to be simple and quick to make to dispense some leftover supplies; on the other hand, I don't want them to be sub-par lest people question my crafting ability (as if they even know me!). Like I said, dichotomy!

This little batch is pretty enough that they may appear at my company's annual United Way auction. I will be in Shanghai during that time, or somewhere in Asia, but I think I know someone who will help me list some cards for a good cause. :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I had a relatively productive scrapbooking July, though you certainly cannot tell by my blog posts. I completed 15 12x12 layouts and a few miscellaneous projects. Here's me using some of the highly anticipated Heather Bailey line from CHA winter. I think it finally became available for purchase a couple of months ago. I combined her paper with the Making Memories Passport line. Both the pink and olive background are from MM Passport.

If you haven't seen the new kit from Scrapbook Obsessions, you oughtta go rush over there asap! It's a beauty, featuring the Vintage Moon line from Pink Paislee. I am excited about this. I think the colors will be a challenging one for me, but I am looking forward to it with abated breath!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Banner That Wasn't

Finally I am getting around to posting the butterfly banner I created using Graphic45 Botanicabella line. This and the two layouts I created were supposed to be on display for CHA, but they did not make it onto the plane with Diane! She called me to tell me about it after CHA was over. I was rather relieved since for a tiny while there, I was actually nervous that it got lost, or worse, that they did not like it!! Confidence is not a forte of mine, goodness knows how often that show up at my work's performance appraisal, and that spills into every area of my life. Even so, I really did think the banner was worthy, so I was very glad when Diane called me to tell me in person!! Well, it won't be long before August 1, and I will have a few other Graphic 45 projects to post then.

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